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The Separation of all South American Operations
The Separation of all South American Operations

The Separation of all South American Operations

03.10.2017 07:19
Times are always changing across all aspects of online gambling in both individual areas and the industry as a whole. These changes are from new innovations of gambling all the way to the intricacies of customer verification procedures.
The latest change, more country specific than an entire industry impact, comes to the South American country of Uruguay. There were reports in the last 6 weeks that the Uruguayan government had made long strides towards changing the countries legislation for online gambling, specifically pertinent to the activity and presence of foreign companies within Uruguay.
The Separation of all South American Operations-1
The strides look to have turned to a run, and a run turned into crossing the finishing tape in 1st place as the new “Accountability Law” was passed in the Senate, and the new law was signed into effect by the Uruguayan president this week.
The new legislation has a few different areas of change that are implied all relating to the operation and allowance of gambling online and as an entire entity;
Offshore Gambling Companies
Any “foreign” gambling company is now banned from operating within Uruguay in any means, and thus those who were in the process of or already did offer services within the country are now forced to withdraw and, from our estimations, close all accounts belonging to those residing in Uruguay
Licensed Operators
As of today, there is only one licensed online gambling operator allowed within Uruguay, and that is the “in-house” national lottery of “La Banca de Quinelas”.
IP Addresses
The Uruguayan government signed off and approved to the additional movements of blocking IP addresses, and thus blocking Uruguayan resident access to the websites, of known operating gambling companies in the country.
To accompany to removal of foreign operations and perhaps to give control back to the country in the sense of gambling, a new tax of 0.75% will be applied on all gambling activity – which right now stands only to the Lottery firm who hold the only legal standing for gambling.
There were rumours earlier this year that Uruguay were considering a similar approach to Colombia and how they legalized and regulated their online gambling, but as this new legislation would show, Uruguay have opted for more a protected approach to remove everything entirely, although as you’ve seen with many other countries, this may well change in the future.
Uruguay may well, after some time to re-balance and re-calculate, look to regulate the gambling to allow offshore company operations again but for the moment, it’s all stopping at the country border, or more specifically, the online internet border.
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