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Gaming Operator Codere Soon In Columbia

Gaming Operator Codere Soon In Columbia

30.11.2017 03:48
Spanish Codere Preparing Columbian Online PlatformWidely known Codere, the Spanish gaming operator officially released its Colombian website platform with the domain Codere.com.co.
A few days ago, Colijuegos-the Columbian gaming regulator has approved its fifth license to the Spanish operator Codere.
Codere for the new license is willing to pay almost $7m, and for that sum of money they will have a five year contract period and will include casino games online and sports betting, and various face-to-face channels via mobile.
However, Codere in Columbia will operate over its ‘Codere Apuestas’ brand, making larger its current land-based activity. In a period of 33 years, the Spanish gaming operator has been running casinos, game rooms, sports betting and bingo halls.
In 2016, Columbia became the first country in the region, the first Latin American country that is approving online gaming. From that moment till now, the Colombian gaming regulator Colijuegos has issued no more than three licenses to these operators Colbet, Wplay.co and Corredor Empresarial. All of them are domestic operators, but in October GAMING1 became the first international company for online casinos and sportsbook license.
The President of the Colombian gaming regulator Colijuego, Juan B. Perez said: “The regulator expected to award at least two more licenses before the end of the year”.
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