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Spinning Success with G Games: Inside the Innovative World of Slot Game Mastery

Updated: 16.04.2024
Reviewed by Jekaterina Dubnicka
Fact checked by Aleksandra Andrishak
In the dynamic world of iGaming, innovation and player engagement are key to success. Today, we have the privilege of speaking with Helen Walton, the Chief Commercial Officer of G Games, a company that stands out in the realm of slot game development. G Games has carved a niche for itself by blending the thrill of video gaming with the excitement of casino slots, always with a focus on delivering top-notch player experiences. In this insightful interview, Helen delves into the core philosophies, creative processes, and future visions that make G Games a unique player in the industry. From their approach to game design to their adaptation to diverse markets, Helen offers a peek into the innovative world of slot game mastery at G Games.


Chief Commercial Officer Helen Walton

​What's the core philosophy behind G Games' approach to slot game development, and what unique aspects set your games apart in the market?

Put the player first. We say we are G for the Gamers – and that’s both because we try to bring a little video gaming passion to the world of casino, and because we want to make sure we are always giving players the best experience (and not just showing off how clever or cool we are).

Can you share the inspiration and creative process behind HO HO HO, highlighting what makes it unique Christmas slot ?

I think we’d say that we are really proud of the music and atmosphere that makes HoHoHo feel truly Christmassy. If you’re not humming along as you play, are you sure you’re not actually the Grinch?

How do you balance the needs of new and experienced players in its design?

In general, we really care about what we call ‘the everyday player’. This type of player has a limited amount of money to spend and probably limited time as well – we want to make sure the base game is fun (rather than some major grind to get through), and that they feel close to meaningful wins (rather than impossible jackpots that never payout or really obscure features that leave players asking ‘what just happened?’). In the new multiplayer product we are working on we’ve worked really hard to get the balance between something a new player can figure out how to play in just a few spins, but with layers of choices and varied experiences to ensure there’s real mastery to achieve.

How does G Games modify its games to fit various international markets while still keeping a uniform brand image?

Although we hope our games all have a certain quality to them – the themes are as diverse as our imaginations! Whether we are looking at a video bingo in Latam or a traditional fruit slot in Germany what matters to us is the quality of the art and ensuring players have a varied, entertaining experience.

Based on your playtesting program, what's the most unexpected player feedback you've received, and how did it change one of your games?

We are doing the most intense playtesting on our multiplayer product that we have ever done. Sometimes we have a player insist they know exactly how something works – but then use that feature in a completely unexpcted way. It underlines for us the importance of watching what people do even more closely than you listen to what they say.

What less-discussed trends do you think will shape the future of slot gaming?

We passionately believe that slots need to continue evolving to attract a new generation of players who expect ever more engaging experiences. There’s a playfulness and fun we think you find in the best slots of Vegas, for example, and our next set of games look to evoke the same sense of light-hearted enjoyment in players.

If one of your slot games was inspired by a famous winter holiday dish, which dish would it be and what special features would the game have?

Like the best Christmas puddings, our latest set of products have been simmering away for a very long time… that’s because really rich flavours need time to mature and develop. But once we serve them up with the flaming brandy – look out! – we’re going to set the world alight!

As the gaming industry evolves, what's one constant in G Games' approach, and what can players and business partners expect from you in the future?

We started G determined to build multiplayer games (we were hopelessly optimistic and naïve, we now realise!) We had to take a lot of detours along the way, learning, failing, trying, occasionally succeeding and learning some more. Finally, we are working on the multiplayer idea that we think will change the market. You can expect something innovative and daring; that brings the competitive nature of video gaming to the thrill of slots. Of course… maybe we are still just hopelessly optimistic and naïve – but at least we haven’t let go of our dreams!


Our conversation with Helen Walton, the Chief Commercial Officer of G Games, has been a fascinating journey through the intricate world of slot game development. Helen's insights reveal a company deeply committed to innovation, player engagement, and continuous evolution. G Games' approach, blending the essence of video gaming with the traditional casino experience, shows a clear path towards attracting a new generation of players. As we look to the future, it's evident that G Games is poised to redefine the slot gaming landscape with its daring, player-first philosophy. With their upcoming multiplayer products and a commitment to high-quality, engaging content, G Games is certainly a name to watch in the rapidly evolving iGaming industry.
Jekaterina Dubnicka
Jekaterina Dubnicka
Expert in: News, Blog
With 6 years in the iGaming industry, Jekaterina specialises in slots. At Slotsjudge, she champions collaborations with game providers and presents industry news to the audience, blending business with fun.

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