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The Two Governments Of France And UK With Agreement For Sports Anti-Corruption

The Two Governments Of France And UK With Agreement For Sports Anti-Corruption

25.01.2018 04:45
Sports Anti-Corruption Deal Between France And UKThe two governments of France and UK with their sports ministers make a deal who will be for sharing their expertise in match-fixing and against sports corruption.
In July 2016, he was appointed as Minister of State for Digital and Culture in the Department for Culture, Media, and Sport and in January 2018, he was promoted by becoming the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport, Matthew John David "Matt" Hancock from one side and former French Olympian and now French Minister of Sports since May 2017, Laura Flessel-Colovic have signed the agreement during the UK-France Summit occurring 18 January 2018.
Although, under the Declaration of Intention UK agreed to share with French Government their experience and methods obtained during England hosting the eighth Rugby World Cup, the quadrennial rugby union world championship, the 2015 Rugby World Cup which 20 countries was competing and the 2012 Summer Olympics, formally the Games of the XXX Olympiad and commonly known as London 2012.
However, on the public announcing the British minister, Hancock said: “The UK and France are steadfast allies in the battle against corruption. Doping and match-fixing scandals have rocked international sport in recent years and it is crucial that we take a global approach, working together to ensure the integrity of sport is upheld. Fans have to be able to believe in fair play in sport and be inspired by the best athletes in the world.”
A few years ago, in 2016 UK joined the International Partnership against Corruption in Sport, which the main purpose is to strengthen connections between the international sports organizations, governments, and other relevant organizations to eliminate corruption and to encourage proper governance in sport. This product of this partnership is creating three task forces for reducing corruption risks relating with sports events and making the quality on a high level in the selection of host cities for major sporting events and to minimize the risk of corruption.
Hancock added: “Through the work of UK Anti-Doping, the Gambling Commission’s Sports Betting Intelligence Unit and our Code for Sports Governance, we are ensuring that our sports bodies are more transparent and uphold the highest standards on integrity and governance. We want to share best practice with other nations and this agreement with France underlines how important it is to work in partnership on the threat of corruption.”
Regarding the Matt Hancock announcement, Khalid Ali, Secretary General of international sports betting integrity body ESSA, member of their strategic counsel and chief spokesperson, said “The UK and France should be commended for agreeing on the joint Declaration of Intention tackle sports corruption and match-fixing through illegal and irregular sports betting. Both countries have put integrity as a priority issue and have developed what is widely regarded as best practice models in this area.
“The move further strengthens their information sharing protocols and can only benefit the integrity of their respective betting markets and sporting events.”
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MayFlower 25.01.2018 12:13
Wonderful news concerning these two "rivals" ;)
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