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Suncity Group launch Sun Finance smartphone app

Suncity Group launch Sun Finance smartphone app

19.08.2017 18:02
Anybody can, and will, tell you that companies value VIP customers – the turnover alone these customers generate can be a lifeline to smaller companies, and engine fuel to reward them higher at the biggest ones.
The Suncity Group, a junket operator, has created and released a brand-new smartphone application called “Sun Finance” with the aim of the app relatively simple; help VIP players to keep track of their rolling chip activities all in one place.
The Suncity group have been in the news at varying points in recent memory, for better or for worse, but they certainly are looking to break ground the right ways (and not fall foul of the Philippines regulations…again!) with their new production.
Suncity Group launch Sun Finance smartphone app-1
Celestino Ali is the VP of IT at Suncity and he had plenty to say about the launch and creation of their Sun Finance app;
'The Sun Finance app gives our VP players secure account verification which has been notably vacant from our other apps released before, and from any other similar rival app that wants to achieve what we will achieve.
Users will be able to monitor their balances in real-time at any of the venues they play in, and will have immediate 24/7 access to our concierge services directly through the app too.'

Suncity Group launch Sun Finance smartphone app-2
This doesn’t look like the first and only Suncity App we will be seeing in 2017, with “Sun Travel” reported to be targeted at a yuletide release – this app will allow users, both public and designated Sungroup customers, to book hotels, search transports, restaurant availabilities in Macau and worldwide.
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