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RakeTech caused a spot of bother with their latest tactics

RakeTech caused a spot of bother with their latest tactics

19.08.2017 23:05
RakeTech are a Swedish iGaming affiliate and they proudly operate some of the leading online casino and bookmaking websites all over Europe.
Some of their statistics, as a background for you, are;
  • 100s of Swedish Casino websites
  • 500+ iGaming websites
  • Leading Nordic TV listing sites
  • #1 Swedish Betting Platform
Swedish Affiliate Under Fire for Controversial Advertising-1
Controversy involving this normally reputable company arose this week after it was reported that RakeTech were using a URL (barnverket.nu) that is only slightly different to the actual company, Barnverket (barnverket.se) which is a children’s educational website promoting such services and social interaction between children all over Sweden.
This fraudulent URL owned by RakeTech was not just similar in the name, but the content as well with similar articles and images used all over the website that refer to children combined in with real, direct casino content with live links to varying operators in the industry which, of course, are meant to be advertised and available only to those aged 18 or over.

Swedish Affiliate Under Fire for Controversial Advertising-2
The fraudulent Barnverket website has, as you’d expect, disappeared from the worldwide web and the RakeTech CEO Michael Holmberg has addressed the issue in the media just before its removal, not only indicating at the imminent removal but also that RakeTech had offered the legitimate Barnverket the chance to own the domain so it could never be used falsely again.
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