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The Coljuegos are registering a presence
The Coljuegos are registering a presence

The Coljuegos are registering a presence

15.10.2017 08:34
Its been a good week in Colombia as the register of licensed gambling companies has grown further after the Coljuegos issued more licenses to different companies.
Colombia is the first of the South American countries to become regulated and it’s paying dividends with more control awarded to the country and government leading to a better structure and no lack of interest and applications coming in from all over the world.
The Coljuegos are registering a presence-1
It was only a few weeks ago that only the 2nd license was awarded to a South American lottery operator, Corredor Empresarial S.A, and now they are up to 4 licenses in total including that of an international flavour w0th GAMING1.
So, let’s take a look at the new licensees taking their place in the Colombian market, starting with a more local interest to Colombian residents with the gambling operator of Colbet – an online sportsbook coming out of Botoga.


The Coljuegos are registering a presence-2
Colbet will operate from the domain which is currently under development and this will be powered by their recently forged relationship with the Airplay provider, a Maltese sports betting tech company.
It’s another 5-year license agreement with an estimated $3.7m of worth to the Colombian Government – great news for everyone in Colombia as a large percentage of gambling revenue is set forth towards the health and education services in the country, so more licenses and more revenue is only having a positive local and national effect and that is a prime example of why self-regulation in the gambling industry is now being treated very, very seriously.

International Presence

As we noted, the other new introduction to the regulated market and the 4th recipient of a license from the Coljuegos is the international sportsbook and gaming operator named as GAMING1 – a straight forward and direct titled company who become the first internationally based operator to gain a license in Colombia.
The Coljuegos are registering a presence-3
The license is awarded under the regime in a 50-50 join venture with the more locally placed Vicca Group and, as part of the relationship deal they’ve struck, the companies have created their Colombian combined domain of will be a mobile and desktop Casino with games all coming from the GAMING1 portfolio and will have more provider content coming in the first weeks after the launch. The partnership is seen already to be the groundwork for undoubted success – Vicca Group have been active in the countries market before and after regulation for a quarter of a century and have great and vast knowledge and reach all over Colombia.
The standard is really set right now in South American by Colombia and their regulation – although they may not see the same turnover and revenue as Brazil right now, they are more in control of what is going on and who is doing and can do what and what. The regulation also gives back to the country, to the community and benefits so many more areas whilst the other larger turning over countries in the region see most of the revenue hitting their internationally operated firms rather than benefitting the local or national population.
We expect that this is the 3rd and 4th of a soon to be heaving list of local, national and international operators to be getting involved in the Colombian regime.
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