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NBA Will Perform a Gambling Survey in Cyprus
NBA Will Perform a Gambling Survey in Cyprus

NBA Will Perform a Gambling Survey in Cyprus

29.10.2017 12:21
The Gambling Industry as a whole is always changing, adapting and improving. Whether its introductions of new laws, changes of regulations or new ways to place a bet – there’s always something new and exciting going on.
Maybe less of the exciting but everything of the new as the National Betting Authority (NBA) of Cyprus announced its intention to performing the first ever gambling survey to gauge the behaviors, patterns, attitude and finances of the residents of the Mediterranean country when it comes to online or land-based gambling.
The First Time Ever Study in Cyprus-1


No, it’s nothing to do with netted hoops, squeaky clean courts or orange balls but it is to do with betting. The NBA is the National Betting Authority in Cyprus, with their core values stated as Commitment, Respect, Integrity, Compliance, Co-operation, Initiative, Reliability, Professionalism, Responsibility, Social Responsibility and Responsible Gambling.
The NBA oversee everything in Cyrus when it comes to online gambling, with their powers including;
Draft regulation for submission
Issue Directives to licensed bookmakers
Carry out inspections and supervise licensed bookmakers
Review license applications
Inspect non-licensed premises
Review and determine necessary procedures for complaints and appeals
Co-operation with an international organization and state services
Monitor the compliance of bookmakers
Maintenance of a code of practice
Tax statuses
Compliances to regular law and requirements
Legislative and regulatory changes
Regular studies into the operations and population
ISP management in relation to non-licensed organizations
The First Time Ever Study in Cyprus-2

The Study

The aim of the study itself is to see the styles and ways that people of Cyprus do their gambling or act towards that recreational activity, or not so recreational depending on the person involved.
It is thought that 3000 individuals will be part of this first-time survey with addiction and the measures in place are open enough to anyone who may need them. This is all part of the mission of the NBA to control, support and eradicate problematic gambling and add so many degrees of prevention and support.
Insights Market Research Ltd has been commissioned as the proprietors of the survey, with the NBA’s chairwoman herself being very open in her comments and willingness to divulge the details and the aims of this survey.
The survey’s goals focus on recording the extent of participation in gambling activities, identifying the extent of problematic participation among the public, studying gamblers’ social and demographic traits, the frequency with which they engage in gambling, and their budgeted and real spending in gambling.
The survey started around the 25th October and will continue through the rest of 2017.
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