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Playtech Transfers Their Live Casino Operators Into Riga
Playtech Transfers Their Live Casino Operators Into Riga

Playtech Transfers Their Live Casino Operators Into Riga

23.09.2017 08:36
In what is known as the largest migration in the history of the gambling industry, Playtech has completed its move of Live Casino operations to their previously bought property in Riga, Latvia.
The Migrating Source Of Success-1
The 8500sq building is right in the heart of “old town” – a building and site that is far above any existing industry live casino setup anywhere else in the world.
As reported on the Playtech website, work began to prepare the acquired site when it was bought in early 2016 and the difficulties of the development were numerable with the balance of improving the overall site and allowing the work within the building to be unaffected and continue as normal.
Sky Casino were the first to move over to the site after the completion of the first room, with bet365, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power and move moving in the 3-4 months following on. Each area has been redeveloped and redesigned in line with licensees’ acute requirements.
The Migrating Source Of Success-2
Technology is important when you consider the genre of the building and the contents, and this new site is far above and beyond anything else the industry with state of the art media equipment, notably cameras and recording items, state of the art custom-made tables for games and other gaming areas.
It makes for a never before seen type of gaming experience from the giants of the gambling world who are now making things so much bigger on and off your screens. The Playtech tagline is "Source of Success" and this new high-tech, state of the art relocation into Riga only further cements and supports the realisation and sending of that exact message.
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Gligor 26.09.2017 08:08
Manufacturers are starting to implement a top-notch technology in their craft as a result of the wild gambling community expansion with the speed of light in recent years. However, it benefits all sides to be fair, and on top of that, the looks & feels of a particular game only improve respectively, which in turn boost the excitement & adrenaline, both of which are very necessitated for an utmost gambling experience. So it's a win-win situation nevertheless!
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