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After Three Years The Senet Group Chair Is Leaving
After Three Years The Senet Group Chair Is Leaving

After Three Years The Senet Group Chair Is Leaving

13.12.2017 15:10
The Uk Senet Group Chairman Will Step DownUK gambling oversight body The Senet Group declared publicly that the present chairwoman Wanda Goldwag will resign at the end of the year.
Toward the end of the three-year-long contract in the company, Wanda Goldwag will continue as a (NED) non-executive director alongside the Royal Free Group.
In a situation like this, The Senet Group’s board of directors already asked Gillian Wilmot, who is an ongoing non-executive director of the group to be an acting chairman while everything is settled down.
The Senet Group in an announcement supported the departure, and paid tribute to the ex-chairperson Wanda Goldwag, saying that express huge gratitude for her effort at the Senet Group, Until this day, moreover 80% from the public that taking part as a players (gamblers) are very familiar and recognize the When the Fun Stops campaign.
It is a campaign that suggests responsible gambling and helps indeed a lot of players in changing their gambling practice and to involve a friend in between watching for their actions. However, there are a lot of things that need to happen to make the gambling much safer to gain peoples trust. The point of the message was received very well like it should.
In the process of development, the Senet Group is willing to work with partners with a base from all over the world, to increase the standards and encourage developing one of the best practice. The Senet Group is willing to help young players who have a problem with gambling and to focus on the online problems.
On this, Wanda Goldwag added, how she is pleased working in lifting to a higher level the knowledge of the risks that come with the gambling and that the people that are lead players have a huge responsibility and will deliver these messages.
The Senet Group has a crucial role in this activity and trying to deliver the message through a lot of forms of advertising.
has played a central role in crafting these messages and in securing the commitments made to deliver them and to limit various forms of advertising.
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