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UKGC With New Plans For The Future

UKGC With New Plans For The Future

15.11.2017 04:28
The UKGC has a brand new strategy on hoUKGC With New Plans For The Futurew to strengthen the gambling market in the UK. They have just released a sneak peek into their plans for the future and it is guaranteed to evolve around the strengthening of their market.
The Commission is trying to set a straight picture about gambling being a leisure activity, it should provide the players with relaxation and joy. However, with 63% of the British population having gambled last year, they are concerned about the impact gambling has on individuals and society overall. They are opting for balanced consuming of the gambling goods, so that is why their new strategy takes place.

This is a five-point strategy, prioritizing five different areas of concern:
  1. Protecting the consumers’ interests by introducing broader sanctioning of operators who will not be able to provide safe gambling and betting environments;
  2. Preventing harm from coming in the way of the consumers by better informing them of the risks of gambling and reminding them to gamble responsibly;
  3. Raising the gambling market’s standards;
  4. Optimizing returns from lotteries to good cause and
  5. Improving the Commission’s way of regulation
The UKGC Chairman, Bill Moyes is aware that the strategy they laid out is quite ambitious and he is expecting it to deliver better and safer gambling experience during the next three years. He also expects the Commission to work hand in hand with their regulatory partners and the entire gambling industry.
He also states that the strategy they have will challenge the industry and the regulators at the same time, to be more effective in providing their services.
Their expectations for the years to follow are that the entire industry will work to improve and raise the standards of gambling, to also improve the way they treat their customers and to protect the vulnerable group of people using their services.
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