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New Chief Executive Officer At The UltraPlay Company

New Chief Executive Officer At The UltraPlay Company

06.02.2018 03:42
UltraPlay With New CEO in 2018The company with an innovative approach to the online gaming industry by providing advanced betting solutions, focused on eSports, live betting, sports betting, casino and bitcoin solutions, named UltraPlay has announced the assignment of the new Chief Executive Officer, In the first quarter of 2018.
The Chief Executive Officer at UltraPlay Ltd., Cofounder at SnapScore, and Cofounder at CleanTie Inc., current Chief Executive Officer at UltraPlay Ltd., which has guided the company in a professional manner since 2010.
Mr. Margaritov steps down of the CEO position and will continue to provide his great knowledge and expertise in the gambling and crypto industry as an advisor to the company and he intends to focus on the implementation of the Blockchain technology in the iGaming industry.
The company last year starts the Blockchain-based project eGold, which is an eSports betting cryptocurrency, and the presale of the coins was with excellent response and they were sold more than a half of the presale tokens during the first day.
However, Mr. Margaritov together with the company’s Management Board, appoints new CEO, Mario Ovcharov.
Dariy Margaritov, founder of UltraPlay said: “Mario Ovcharov is a perfect example of a top manager who has successfully made his career within the company. He brings an incredibly deep understanding of our business, proven track record and strategic approach that will certainly lead UltraPlay to the next successful milestones.”
With Ovcharov added: “As part of UltraPlay’s family, I have been deeply involved in most of the company’s projects and developments that are described in the industry as innovations and avant-garde solutions.
“UltraPlay has a deserved reputation as a leading eSports betting solutions provider and I am determined to continue the company’s growth and establish its leading positions on the core and emerging iGaming and crypto markets worldwide.”
Onwards with the appointment of the Ovcharov as a CEO, there is one more appointment for PeterIvanov as Head of Trading. His main purpose will be with sports and eSports betting managing the in-house team of traders and following the company’s mission to offer highest quality products, widest games coverage, and unrivaled betting data to the iGaming operators.
Alongside with the new signing the company announced their plans to enlarge their sports betting portfolio, developing new betting functionalities as well as US sports dedicated branch for all sportsbooks ready to step up on to the next level.
Regarding this, Peter Ivanov said: “We are in an excellent position to capitalize our growth, leadership and serve as integrity partner to the sports betting industry. We are going to do so for sure in the upcoming months by our continuous innovation and passion for delivering superb betting options.”
About UltraPlay:
UltraPlay is a modern technological company, founded in 2010, with the core ambition to offer an innovative approach to the online gaming industry by providing advanced betting solutions, focused on eSports, sports betting, casino, live betting, and bitcoin.
Assembled by a team of iGaming professionals with vast experience in betting product development, operations, eSports and marketing, UltraPlay is a trusted partner for delivering superior sports software and odds products to its customers.
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MayFlower 06.02.2018 15:54
A good year for some pleasant changes. :)
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