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Big money up for grabs with yet another game-pack from 888poker!
Big money up for grabs with yet another game-pack from 888poker!

Big money up for grabs with yet another game-pack from 888poker!

01.10.2017 09:56
Innovation is never lost when you are a member of 888poker and their new release of Action Squad doesn’t disappoint and continues a long-standing trend of exciting and custom tournaments or promotions the company have come up with to keep their players happy.
So as mentioned, here is the latest introduction called Action Squad – a superhero style promotion where 888 challenges you, the player, to unleash your inner hero and win up to $100,000 – that’s surely enough to catch your attention.
Unleash Your Inner Hero-1
There are 3 heroes of the game – Blast Man, Captain SNAP and Turbo Warrior: they’re here to help you take back the power!
Players can play Power and Superpower Scratchcards and gets their hands on up to $100,000 every single day – every player will win on every scratch, the more you scratch the more you win!
Power Scratchcard
Unleash Your Inner Hero-2
You can up to 4 of these each day by completing Superhero Challenges on 888poker. There are different prizes up for grabs each with it’s own “percentage odds” chance of being won:
$3,000 Action Squad Tournament           83%
$1 Bonus                                              12.75%
$2 Bonus                                              2%
$5 Bonus                                              1%
$10,000 Ultimate Hero Tournament         1%
$10 Bonus                                            0.25%
$1,000 Cash Prize                                 0.003%
SuperPower Scratchcard
Unleash Your Inner Hero-3
If you make it to the top players in any of the $3000 Action Squad Tournaments, you can win up to 3 of these scratchcards per day, every day. Again, there are different prizes up for grabs with its own percentage change of being won including a huge $100,000 cash win:
$10,000 Ultimate Hero Tournament         57.29%
$1 Bonus                                              36%
$5 Bonus                                              5%
$10 Bonus                                            1.5%
$50 Bonus                                            0.2%
$1,000 Cash Prize                                 0.01%
$100,000 Cash Prize                             0.0001%
There are different Superhero challenges to complete and each one gives you a Power Scratchcard to use.
BLAST – Get to 1st place in 2 Blast tournaments
SNAP – Win 15 hands in no limit cash games
TURBO - Play in Tournaments or Sit & Gos
FLOPOMANIA - Play 50 hands in this new game
Each of the different tournaments available to win entry to have their own start times each day and the different type of gameplay.
$3,000 Blast Man Tournament – After 6 minutes, the action takes over and players automatically go all-in until there’s one winner (Daily at 23:10)
$3,000 Turbo Warrior Tournament – Get dealt new cards the instant you fold (Daily at 14:10)
$10,000 Ultimate Hero Tournament – Win tickets through Scratchcards & Superhero Spinner (Sundays at 19:30)
$1,000 Power Up Tournament - Win tickets through Superhero Spinner (Daily at 21:10)

What are you waiting for - get yourself playing at 888poker now!
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