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Yggdrasil Shows Some Seriously Growing Results

Yggdrasil Shows Some Seriously Growing Results

26.08.2017 22:25
Most people, and I say most, would automatically think of the iGaming developers when you say Yggdrasil to someone, however there may be a few who’d pull out some unbeknownst facts about the mythical tree that’s part of Norse cosmology.
Of course, this is a short article about the Yggdrasil Gaming brand instead, a brand whose 2nd financial quarter numbers are shaping a great 2017 for them.
 Yggdrasil On The Up After Q2 Results -1

“Superior Gaming” is their tagline, which we won’t argue with – there website is a fantastic, graphical and fluid example of the gameplay they provide and the output of the creative developments, and now their Quarter 2 results are superior too.
116% increase in corporate revenue
Growth in revenues of 103% versus same period in 2016
EBITDA up 76% to £2.9m
Profit margin at 42%
Player transactions up by 99% with 1.5bn rounds
The providers say that this growth and fantastic return is down to new staff and new partnering operators – around 23 new staff were employed during Q2 which as you will know, is not a small number even given the size of the company and the size of company employment umbrellas all over the iGaming industry.
It’s wonderful to see a positive company taking positive steps thanks to positive results, even more so when the quality of output is so high.
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Gligor 15.09.2017 10:53
I've heard quite a lot about this game developer, most of which depicted their hard work and dedication as a team to craft & offer players a thrilling experience while earning themselves a few bucks along the way. Really glad to see a positive climate upon their sky.
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