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Denmark Welcomes Yggdrasil into Their Gaming Market

Denmark Welcomes Yggdrasil into Their Gaming Market

06.12.2017 23:38
Yggdrasil Sets Foot In DenmarkAs announced, Yggdrasil is expanding to the Danish Gaming Market hand in hand with a local Danish operator named Danske Spil.
They have a partnership agreement that should be put to work at the beginning of 2018. That is when the operator will start to offer its services through GVC at the bwin.dk domain.
Fredrik Elmqvist, the CEO at Yggdrasil, published an official statement saying regarding the high interest in the entry of Yggdrasil in the Danish market, from the operators who are looking to improve their gaming portfolios.

However, the agreement to go live via GVC via bwin.dk and Danske Spil, lead players to games through the two most popular Denmark’s brands.

Head of Product of Danske Licens Spil, Søren Schneider, added that Danske Spil is always trying to satisfied the players and that Yggdrasil games will prove to be the best choice for them

Also says that Yggdrasil is well known in the gaming industry and it will strengthen the Danske Spil offering.

GVC Chief Product Officer, Liron Snir also wanted to share about the Yggdrasil games, and how they are popular on the Nordics and also that is a brilliant idea to implement the games in Denmark’s market
Although, Liron Snir says that Danish market is very competitive and because of that Yggdrasil's industry-first promotional tools and high-quality titles must present the two brands in the best quality.
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