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07.01.2018 19:57
NetEnt Aliens Complete Slot ReviewOnce again, one of our all-time favorite slot software developers, NetEntertainment, has come up with a pretty freaky sci-fi slot, which we couldn’t wait to get our hands on, titled “Aliens”! This mega-exciting online video slot of their features NetEnt’s very first use of real-time 3D graphics! But that’s far from the only thing it offers, and if you wish to know more, simply continue reading below!

Theme, Symbols, and Betting Options

There’s tons we can say about this online slot, but let’s start by informing you that this is a 5 reel and 15 fixed pay-line video slot. It offers quite the attractive gameplay, which is a mixture of both a traditional slot with plenty of real-time animation, and this only kicks into ‘high gear’ once the player triggers the bonus feature here!

Furthermore, we can also point out that there’s a rather dark-and-brooding atmosphere, which is very reminiscent of the first 2 “Alien” movies, even though most of the action itself has been clearly taken from the second film. The music is also pretty tense and extremely well-composed.

Moving on to the symbols, they represent a scary selection of both alien eggs and frightening alien monsters, and absolutely anyone who has seen the movies, or even just one of them, will immediately be able to recognize these horrible creatures. The lowest-value symbol is fittingly represented by an Un-Hatched Ggg, while the most valuable symbol takes on the form of a fully-grown Monster, which is staring directly at the player, you! As for the Special Symbols, this slot offers only one, and that would be the ‘Weyland-Yutani’ Wild.

The bet per spin ranges from £0.01 to £150.00, while the Jackpot here amounts to 1000x that of our bet! Is it worth facing those scary monsters for? You’ll have to decide for yourself!

The Bonus Features

Level 1 – The Search

Since this appears to be a true 3-part arcade-style adventure game, we can only warmly recommend it, and in order to trigger it in this feature, you’ll have to fill up that multiplier meter, which is located above your reels. With each win, the player will fill up this meter, and this according to the number of symbols which were in their winning combination, with one exception: the Wilds.

The Bonus Features

Level 2 – The Encounter

Now the player gets to play a marine who is heading through a spooky, darkened corridor and getting to shoot those nasty aliens. Every spin will award you a guaranteed win, which corresponds to the steps along the above-mentioned multiplier meter.

After every spin, you, as the marine, will need to shoot those aliens, but here’s your real problem: the ammo! In an ideal case, the player would need to collect this much-needed ammo from the already dead marines who are lying on the floor.

Though, truth be told, this does not always happen. And the scary fact is, if the player runs out before they reach the end of their multiplier – it’s game over. If on the other hand, you do end up making it to the very end, you’ll reach level 3: the hive.

Level 3 – The Hive

Once you reach the final level, you would find 2 horizontal reels, one grenade multiplier, and one grenade strength reel. You would get 5 spins here and with every spin a grenade would be hurled at that dreaded Hive. Naturally, the greater the combination of multiplier and grenade strength, the bigger the damage will be that you do to the Hive.

And to make things even more exciting, the player fires a gun at the same time, which has 4 ammo clips. Once again, if you end up out of ammo, it’s game over. So, try your best at destroying the Hive using the grenades before that can happen!


While this is definitely not for everyone’s taste, we personally found the complex gameplay fantastic! You could even try turning out the lights for an even scarier atmosphere! The animation here is beyond top-notch, and it’s surely the most immersive mixture of online slots and arcade gaming that we’ve laid eyes on, despite the fact that there’s no interactivity.

We’re fairly certain that if you gave it a try on one of our top-rated online casinos, you’d end up loving it! Good luck with those aliens!
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