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28.09.2017 21:18

It is only fair to say that the innovative geniuses in NetEnt have truly crafted a masterpiece of slot ware and took players back many dawns of time through their creative slot machine – Evolution. Probably one of the most stunning visual crafts, this 5-reel, the 25-pay-line slot is one of the very few that spin their reels up the screen instead of downwards. Moreover, it gives thrills with its exciting bonus feature in which all of the sea creatures evolve to a higher value of themselves, usually the next one that exceeds the symbols of your last winning combination, all of which perfectly depicts the theme set against various backdrops, again all of which posses both slick graphics and amusing melodies. Further, the compatibility of the slot is designed to suit every operating system across any platform or device.

Flora & Fauna

Evolution’s theme is set naturally against a dark-blue underwater life which emerged from underneath the primordial itself. Screen borders depict a mossy shore with shimmering newly discovered plant life, involving sprouts and mushrooms. The symbols here are represented by an array of underwater creates and a rather standard sequence of playing cards (10-A). While the playing deck of cards represents all symbols of lower values, the higher ones are represented by a purple snail, a fox with dragonfly wings, a green toad-like creature, and a rat – all to exhibit that the natural rules of evolution don’t apply in this realm. Instead, there is a rather peaceful vibe of creation that not only goes along nicely with its new-age ambiance, but it suits the smooth, soothing background music accompanied by bubbly-water tunes. Creation of winning combinations is often celebrated with a thrilling burst of futuristic sounds and explosions in a halo of colors. However, the 2 symbols you’ll be hoping to land the most are the Wild symbol and the Free Spins tagged one. The Wild symbol only bounces on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reel of the slot, and replaces all symbols apart from the Scatter one, which is the Free Spins symbol & main feature activator, and looks like there are green fireflies surrounding the letters.

Flora & Fauna

Bonus Feature

When you win the Free Spins, you will see the water zooming in on the surface of the various vegetation lifetimes in your area. The music also has a rhythmic beat of a new age. The number of Free Rotations is determined by how many symbols are displayed. Three, four or five will win 10, 15 or 20 spins respectively, and the total bet is multiplied by a variable multiplier. Each winning combination in Free Spin activates the Evolution feature. When this is activated, the symbols related to your earn "turn" to the next level besides the matching other symbols that are not included in the winning pay line. For example, Jellocus Squidae Crustacio becomes spring and the lower value character is removed from the upcoming Free Spins. During just 10 Free Spins operation, this Evolution feature can cause you to miss some serious money raffles in a short period of time. At the end of the Bonus Game, a giant meteor crashes the earth and turns everything into the red in a red burst. Then you sink into the water again and play resumes in normal mode. 

Play & Limits

It's odd to see nesting games as a peaceful experience, but the gaming experience really feels like it in Evolution. Smooth animation, reels, and even a trail of watching the flow make the icons shake slightly and shake the background of the media background. All values are clearly displayed and all controls are clearly marked and make it easy to focus on your existing betting and funds. To play easier, check the advanced ‘Auto-play’ feature of NetENT. This feature includes the number of spins you want to ‘Auto-play’ and the advanced settings in which you program it to stop.  Evolution's 25 bet lines are fixed, so you get bets every round for every round. Ten betting levels give you some flexibility in betting and you can choose a coin value between 0.01 and 0.50, with a minimum bet of 0.25 and a maximum bet of 125.00. The maximum payout for a spot is 44,000.

Last Say

Overall, this is a very smart slot game that is based on an interesting theme and sticks all the way along. Free spins and Evolution are both more than obviously all so important aspects. Once you start taking the evolutionary staircase up by throwing low paying symbols, you feel you are on your way to a brighter future.
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