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Fairy Tale Legends: Hansel and Gretel

29.05.2017 13:36

NetEnt has produced another online casino fairy tale game. This fairytale story is written by the German brother Grimm in 1812.The story of Hansel and Gretel is based on two children of a woodpecker, how they got lost in the deep of the forest because they were abandoned by their parents and how an evil old witch kidnapped both of them. The witch made used of cake and sweet to lure the children into her trap (a house made of candies). Hansel and Gretel had to use that small brain of theirs to escape. Many have played the NetEnt fairy tales online casino games such as Jack and the Beanstalk and Red Riding Hood, you can concur with me that NetEnt has been very good in creating magnificent online casino games. Hansel and Gretel are also one of the great exciting games. Hansel and Gretel provide you with the platform to earn more than you can imagine. The game has the same rule as the fairy tale, to have a happy ending i.e. walking away with your winnings. But before you do; you must evade the old evil witch, who will be trying to lure you into her house full of candies, assist Hansel and Gretel get home. While helping both of them navigate the enchanted forest you will come across lots of priceless gems. In order to get these priceless jewels, one needs to spin a 5-reels and 10-lines of the slot. You can have your mega winning walk home with you. Apart from the facts that it has a high potential win, NetEnt did a wonderful job producing this slot with high graphics. It makes me feel like am walking through the enchanted forest. You can see how colorful and attractive the candies are. Characters animations are awesomely designed in 3D, to make the fun undiminished. There are some effects I really enjoyed the shooting effects around the winning symbols, the faint glow one can see in the background makes it look real. Oh! Don’t miss out the fantastic sound effects NetEnt made to make the game completely incredible. Go to spin the reel and start winning.

NetEntertainment: Hansel and Gretel Complete Slot Review


Like many other NetEnt slots, Hansel and Gretel also has an auto play feature to help you during your play. The slot has 5 reels, 3 rows with 10 fixed pay-lines. Hansel, Gretel and game logo are the high paying symbols while low paying symbols are the different candies. Candies in different shapes and colors. In playing this favorite fairy tale; Hansel and Gretel the minimum bet of £10 and the maximum bet is £200.

Stacked Wild Re-Spins

This stacked wild re-spins is only won provided the stack wild symbols appear to be covering the whole reel. Either on the main game or during the stacked wild re-spin, the stacked symbol can appear. This symbol tends to appear on reel 2 and 4 of the main game and sometimes on stack wild re-spin reel 1 and 5. Another thing about the stacked wild symbol is each time you spin and land on it, you get a free spin.

The x3 Random Features

This feature consists of 3 types of random features, to help make your win. You can get these features at any point and time in the main game. These 3 features are called - fairy Wonder spin, fairy surprise, and fairy wild spin.

  • Fairy wonder spin - this is one of the 3x random features, whereby there is overly on the reels by a group of 5 to 9 game symbol/logo for a spin
  • Fairy surprise - this is an interesting part that only takes place whenever there have been no winnings during the main game. In this feature, there is a random selection of symbols from the existing symbols on the reels which take place after a spin. Other symbols are transformed starting from symbols’ with low award winnings into a selected symbol. This is done continually till a win is made.
  • Fairy wild spin - this features 2 full stacks of wild symbols which would randomly appear on reels 1, 2, 4 and 5 during the spin. Your win is paid after the spin has stopped, then a stacked wild re-spin is given.

Bonus Features

When you play Hansel and Gretel the winnings are amazing; all you have to do is spin and allow symbols maybe 3 or 4 jumps on any of the 10 pay-lines. You also can earn from both sides either from left to right or right to left When you spin and 3 treasures go on reel 1, 3 and 5 you get to be amazed on how much you have just earned. Which after picking one of the treasures (chest) that landed on the reels, you will be offered candy house bonus, 10 free spin or instant cash. There are also other bonus features that help boost your winning. Am always excited when my bonus features give a candy house bonus. The house is totally immersed in candy symbols, and right beside it is a ladder of prizes going up. Now, you are in witch’s small candy house in the deep forest where you will be able to pick 3 out of 15 different candies type. While instant cash gives you an immediate coin win which is 1.5x your current bet. Though we might seem aged to be interested in fairy tales who would not like to help 2 lost children find their way back home through the enchanted deep forest.

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