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Immortal Romance

28.05.2017 01:28

A real masterpiece powered by Microgaming, the mysterious Immortal Romance is all about a dark tale of forbidden love and intrigue between the game characters, who fall in love with each other madly but can’t be together due to their diverse nature. Based on the enthralling titles of Vampire Diaries and Twilight, Microgaming mixed the vividness of a vampire love story with a thrilling, dark gothic atmosphere to give the game a slick look. And on top of that, the excellent graphics, as well as the charming, eerie music, provide the ultimate melodramatic experience a player could ever wish for. The spins represent your heartbeat, so as long as you keep spinning – you stand a chance against the blood-sucking vampires! In a world full of online casino games based on sports, fairy tales, and superheroes, such a game is more than a welcome diversion. Immortal Romance is probably one of the most popular and loved casino game online, not just because of its compelling story and flawless gameplay,  but also because of its variety of different bonus features and prizes which are guaranteed to speed your heart rate up right from the very start. The story of a forbidden, supernatural love navigating through a tricky haunted house is not a story that can be relished by women only. Meet the mythical witches and vampires, and unearth the cloudy stories behind each character to get rewarded as the saga unfolds. But remember, nothing is at it seems and the ones you deem notorious can turn their tables inn your favor and an even far darker purpose…

Magical Symbols & Enchanting Features

Let’s start off with the basics. The game slot contains 5 supercharged reels ready to explode, and whopping 243 ways of winning! The suitably decorated, standard sequence of playing cards, represent the symbols of low values, while the 4 main characters: Amber, Troy, Michael, and Sarah, as well as the manuscript and Dracula’s Castle, stand for the high values of the slot machine. The Golden Lion’s Head Door Knocker stands for the scatter symbol, while the wild symbol is represented by the official game logo.


There is but 1 fixed yet massive jackpot of 60.000 coins, should you manage to combine 5 Golden Lion Door Knockers anywhere on the screen. Although the progressive jackpot feature isn’t implemented in this game, a marvelous payout of a staggering 3.645.000 coins will present to you upon the completion of all 4 free-spins chambers, that will undoubtedly quench your thirst if not for blood, then definitely for a wealthy prize!

Wild Desires

This Feature is triggered randomly and has the potential to significantly elevate your bankroll, by giving you 1 extra spin and turning the reels into wilds (up to all 5 reels if you’re lucky). Unfortunately, the free spins feature is disabled during this process but gives an instant winning combination which is doubled along the way. The Chamber of Spins. There place where the vampires stash all their rich loot from every 4th night, the full moon period. If you manage to combine 3 Golden Lion’s Door Knockers anywhere on the screen, you are awarded a key into the characters mansions and castles, where you get 10 bloody free-spins, each different from the one before. You unlock all characters sequentially by entering the feature over and over again, followed by befitting music to escort your voyage for a complete experience.

Immortal Romance

Into the Witch Lady’s World

The story begins to unfold with this very first feature in the long sequence of them. Here you’ll meet Amber the pharmacist, who has origins from a renowned witch family and is also Sarah’s best friend. She is very worried about her falling in love with a bloodsucking vampire, and will stop at nothing to protect her should any harm comes lurking around. This round awards you with 10 free spins and a 5x multiplier added on top of every winning combination presented on the pay table. In addition, the free spins feature can be re-activated during this period of time.

The Rogue Vampire

Troy is a 200-year-old aristocratic playboy, but his handsome looks are deceiving for his is a mischievous deceptive rogue who is thirsty for pleasure and power. Troy is only enjoying his freedom during the 2nd free-spins feature to serve his self-interests but also feels loyal to Michael, who rescued him from the hands of the shadow council’s gruesome destiny a century ago. On his visit to his master’s castle, he becomes obsessed with the impassionate love between Michael and Sarah, who he believes is carrying a dark secret he vows to unearth. In order to reveal the mystery, he summons the Vampire Bats feature to hunt down 20 free spins for you, which in turn will randomly produce erratic multipliers on the reels, hopefully leading to some wealthy pay-outs. This feature triggers between the 5th and the 9th spin of the round.

Dracula’s Castle

In the 3rd feature of the free spins sequence, you’ll be introduced to Michael, an 800 y/o professor of vampire genetics and Troy’s master, who falls madly in love with Sarah, a human girl. Deep down Michael fears rejection, therefore forces himself to live on the fringe of society for too long that he barely remembers how to hide his true vampire nature from Sarah, but as faith has it - does so in a moment of frailty. Although they were brought together by their scholarly interests, a vampire’s true and unconditional love for a human trigger a lucrative round that awards you 20 vampiric free spins and the bonus of Rolling Reels. Several consecutive wins in the Rolling Reels feature will have all symbols gradually disappear and appear to tumble down again as blood drops for higher value symbols and bigger wins, hopefully leading up to a 5x multiplier on each reel. This feature is triggered between the 10th and the 14th spin of the round.

The Gullible Doctor

The saga comes to its end in the 4th and lasts free spin feature of the sequence. Sarah is a 37 y/o scientist of pathology, who will stop at nothing to make a name for herself in the scientist community by discovering eternal life through her cellular regeneration research. She comes across Michael during one of her medical seminars, where she analyzes his blood and comes close a rare discovery, which she thinks could be the cure to aging. She also finds out that she’s not a mere human herself. Nevertheless, such a revolutionary discovery could certainly put her life in great danger (not that she knows it), and by the time she finds out it will already be too late to think about the consequences of her actions. When this happens, 25 haunting free-spins shall be awarded to you, where you should watch out for the Wild Vine symbol appearing on the 3rd reel and replicating the reels across the entire pay-table, leading to extraordinarily massive wins! Upon the completion of all Chambers of Free Spins, you’ll be able to select your next bonus round at your preference.

Final Words

The atmospheric music and the wonderful mechanics, as well as the intriguing storyline,  creativity of the bonus games and the huge payouts, make this a memorable slot to play; Needles to say that the graphics are a real top notch and you'll be hooked to the game in no time. Last but not least, if you can manage to work your way through to the variety of free spin rounds you’ll have a chance for a significant increase of your bankroll account and a happy ending.

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