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Hot Chance

12.02.2018 22:34
Novomatic: Hot Chance Slot ReviewThere are two types of slots players out there: those who enjoy online slot games based on the retro classics, and those who prefer something new. Well, if you happen to be part of the 1st group, then this online video slot from Novomatic, titled “Hot Chance” is bound to tickle your fancy. Don’t worry, it is anything but dull, as one might expect from an old-fashioned slot machine. Rather, it is quite enjoyable and offers the players some mighty great chances to achieve wining combos! If this is enough to interest you, then by all means, keep on reading through our entire slot review further below!

Gameplay and Symbols

Much like most of the slot machines back in the day, Novomatic’s “Hot Chance” has just 3 reels and 3 rows of symbols, and let us not forget to mention the 5 pay-lines, which is more than what most of the old-school slot games had back then! Moreover, these pay-lines are not fixed, meaning you may play with as little or as many as you prefer.

To set the number of pay-lines of your choice, as well as your bet, you need to click on the ‘menu’ button which you can find above the ‘spin’ button (as you will notice, there aren’t any control buttons located underneath these reels here). The lowest cost of playing, assuming you’ve got all of the 5 pay-lines enabled, is merely 0.10, while the maximum cost is 100.

For better or worse, this slot by Novomatic is rather ‘basic’ when it comes to the overall design, and you shouldn’t expect any fancy backgrounds in this case. As for the symbols, they are, non-surprisingly at all, the typical lemons, cherries, plums, and oranges. Then there are the other symbols which are also your regular retro slot symbols, such as stars, 7’s, bars, and an X.  And whenever there is a nice winning combo these symbols will catch fire (hence the name of the slot “Hot Chance”)!

Gameplay and Symbols

There isn’t any sign of a Wild or a Scatter on these reels, which is a shame and all, but we weren’t really expecting to see any in the first place. Granted, there is a case where the provider has chosen to add some new features to their retro-themed slots, but this isn’t one of those examples. It does, however, offer one special feature which may bring about some big wins.

And That Would Be…

The “Hot Chance” Bonus Feature, which one can trigger by landing any 9-of-a-kinds. This may very well mean that you’d earn up to as many as 400,000 coins! Moreover, you might even be able to double that already large amount with the help of the Bonus Wheel in this slot! The biggest win to hope for amounts to no less than 3,200,000 coins, and this prize is reserved for the bravest and luckiest among you.

The gambling doesn’t have to end there, as there is also the Gamble feature to consider. It appears after a winning combo, and you aren’t forced to accept if you don’t feel like it. In the case that you do take it up, you should be ready for the usual task of trying to predict the color of the playing card: red or black. Getting it right sees your win doubled, and you’ll even get more chances to double it further! Having said that, one wrong guess means you can say ‘farewell’ to that same win.

One last thing we can offer you is to advise you to always have a good look at the game’s pay-table. It is filled with useful information on the slot game, such as how much the winning combos would pay out, or even how any bonus games work.

Final Verdict

There you have it. You know best of all whether such ‘back-to-the-past’ games are your cup of tea or not, and if they are, there is no better alternative than to give it a shot for yourselves on one of our top-rated online casinos. Even though, as we mentioned, it lacks some of the usual special symbols and features which most of us have grown used to by now, it can still be pretty profitable! Best of luck!
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