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Lovely Lady

09.11.2017 14:03

Many people would say that finding a lovely lady is one of the luckiest things life can give you! Well, how about putting that theory to the test with this online slot game from Amatic, called “Lovely Lady”! Other than our breathtaking Miss, there are also plenty of other lucky symbols. In this slot, the Shamrock, the Horseshoe, and the Piggy-Bank are all competing for the title of “luckiest symbol”. But the good news for the player is that they can win prizes no matter which of these symbols they find. Then there are also some decent bonus games for you, such as the Scattered Crystal Balls and the Wild Lovely Ladies. And with just 1 coin on a line to start it all off, any player, no matter the size of their budget, can join! As if that wasn’t reason enough to give this game a spin, you can also play it on any mobile device of your choosing! This includes the latest iPads and tablets, which means the fun doesn’t have to end there.

Lucky & Lovely

Our protagonist is a real ‘knock-out’, with gorgeous blue eyes, full red lips, and silky raven locks. But her looks aren’t the only reason the player should ‘chase after her’. She is a walking lucky charm, and she even has a crystal ball for predicting your possible fortune! All the magnificent prizes can be won on any of the 10 pay-lines and at any time. These prizes start with some symbols represented by playing cards. These playing card symbols can award the player up to 12,500 coins. Not bad for the lowest-paying symbol, wouldn’t you say? As for our Horseshoes and Shamrocks (four-leafed clovers) they can amount up to 20,000 coins. The Piggy-Banks go even higher than that, double in fact, with up to a 40,000 potential coin reward! And even that’s not the highest price the player can hope for, as the Ladybugs and Mushrooms go up to 75,000! Your future will really look ‘polished’ if you manage to locate the Scattered Crystal Balls. These, no matter their position on the reels, can award you as much as 500,000 coins. Furthermore, 3, 4, or 5 of these Crystal Balls will also trigger 15 Bonus Spins! During these Spins, all of your super-lucky prizes are trebled! Some lucky players will be even luckier in managing to re-trigger these Bonus Spins during the initial bonus. And yet none of these are nearly as lucky as the Lovely Lady herself. She’s the kind of girl who also likes to go Wild, thus substituting for all other symbols. This is just to create more winning combinations for you! But that’s far from all she can do. Would you believe this gorgeous woman can even award you up to 900,000 coins? Well, you can bet she can! Get it? This will happen if she manages to fill all 5 windows on a line. But let us not forget to also mention the Gamble Feature. You can quadruple your winnings by predicting the color of the hidden card (red or black). You can also try your luck at quadrupling them by guessing the hidden card’s suit (hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs). Then there are the stakes to take into consideration, so try not to fall completely head over heels over our beautiful protagonist! All the players must play all 10 of the pay-lines on every spin, but how you stake them is entirely up to you! It ranges from 1 coin up to 100, which means the minimum bet is 10 coins, and the maximum – 1000 coins per spin.

Lucky AND Lovely

Pretty Woman, Spin a While

With fairly simple stakes, large prizes and bonuses, as well as meeting a proper Lady with ‘looks to kill’ – we can’t see a reason why you wouldn’t want to give this Amatic slot game a shot! You can do so easily on one of our many top-rated online casinos. We wish you lots of luck…on a date with Lady Luck!

Video Slot
RTP (the payout percentage)
Very High
Number of reels
Number of lines
Bonus game
Free Spins
Wild Symbol
Scatter Symbol
Stacked Symbols
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