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16.12.2017 16:41
Microgaming: Peek-A-Boo Complete Slot ReviewEven though this online video slot from Microgaming technically falls under the “horror” category, what we’ve seen in front of us (as will you, should you decide to play it) is anything but scary. Rather, it comes off as a mixture between both comical and colorful. Even the title seems like a parody of something frightening: “Peek a Boo”. Well, Mr. Slot, we’ve seen you, and now the time has come to give our two cents on the matter.

Your Autospin option gets a major plus from us straight away, as most players nowadays are multitaskers by nature (or by need), so, this way, they can keep those reels spinning and, of course, potentially winning. As for the rest of the Features, read on below.

Who You Gonna Call?

Slot Masters! Okay, okay, joking aside, there really are Ghost characters (and Ghost Hunters to go with them!) in this 5-reel, 40-pay-line slot. the fact that there are also Sweet Symbols gives this a bit of a Halloween-ish vibe – which, if you ask us, is always a welcome one!

The 40 pay-lines we mentioned are fixed, with the giant reels set up against dark-blue backdrop. To put it plainly, this is all very cartoonish indeed. We happen to like such graphics, at least from time to time, so this also gets a thumb up from us. Getting back to the theme-related Symbols, you have 4 types of ‘Ghosties’, each a different color: yellow, green, blue, and pink! Doesn’t sound that scary, does it?

As for the Symbols represented by Sweets, you have things like Wine Gums and Liquorice Allsorts, yum! Then there’s the Wild Symbol of this slot, which happens to be the Peek-a-Boo Logo. Other than its usual job of substituting for all other symbols on your screen, it can also appear Stacked on all your reels! But when it comes to the Ghost Hunter Symbol, this brave little guy appears only on reel 3, the middle reel. He is of utmost importance when it comes to activating this game’s Main Feature.

Speaking of Which…

Speaking of Which…

Each time the Ghost Hunter graces the player with his appearance on screen, we will proceed to zap one Ghost from each of your reels. These are all collected in what is known as the Ghost Meter, which is located on the right-hand side. Once this special meter is full, it will trigger the much-awaited Free Spins. The number of these Free Spins is determined by exactly how much Ghosts have been collected. You can get as many as 13 Free Spins, just so you know.

Let’s focus a bit more on the Free Spins, shall we? Like we said, they will start once you’ve fully filled up that Ghost Meter. What we haven’t mentioned so far, is that they will make their appearance on a somewhat different set of reels. Namely, now you’d be looking at as many as 1024 ways-to-win.

This is way better than those 40 pay-lines from before, as the player can form wins as long as there happen to be Matching Symbols on adjacent pay-lines, going from left to right. But even that’s not all, as there is also the Symbol Win Feature you can look forward to.

It’s like this: a 3-Symbol Win will make reels 4 and 5 re-spin, in order to create more potential wins. As for a 4-Symbol Win, reel 5 will do the re-spinning action for the chance or some more wins. One more thing you should know is that the Stacked Wilds can also appear during the Free Spins Round. Having said that, we should sadly inform you that this Round is not re-triggerable.

Finally, the coin values range from 0,01 to 2,5. The minimum bet per spin here is £0.40, while the maximum one per spin amounts to £100. The Jackpot here is about 25x that of your bet.

The Creepy Conclusion

Well, not really, as we already mentioned that this slot is anything but ‘boo-tastic’. However, when it comes to all the features it can offer, it certainly is an entertaining creation from Microgaming. So, if cartoonish video slots offering plenty of winning opportunities happen to be your thing, you can give it a spin on one of our top-rated online casinos. May your fortunes “frighten” you – in the best possible way!

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