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Pyramid Quest for Immortality

22.10.2017 23:07

The ancient civilizations of Egypt firmly believed that their mighty Pharaoh ruler would be resurrected to become an immortal God, which is exactly why they were buried alongside their personal belongings and treasures in the pyramid tombs that are cosmically aligned to the stars. Thus, now is the perfect time for you to plunder those a-thousand-years-old monuments and seek their priceless treasures inside NetEnt’s: Pyramid Quest for Immortality slot. The moment you step into the pyramids to start your quest for either wealth or immortality, you’ll feel ecstatic by the oriental background melodies as well as the overall mythical atmosphere reminiscent of the times when Egyptian semi-gods walked the earth. Subsequently, you’ll see 2 golden deity statues of Amun-Ra (the god of sun) and Anubis (the god of the afterlife) holding their magical stuffs in their hands and becoming alive to guard the pyramid’s tomb gates at each side of the reels, as well as an array of vibrant, hieroglyphic-inscribed symbols depicting many mythical creatures for which you’ll be awarded forming combinations with, such as bejeweled scarab beetles, golden eagles & serpents, the Pharaoh’s mistress, and the last and probably most renown female ruler of the ancient Egypt kingdom – Cleopatra herself gracing upon these reels who will personally make sure to lead your way in a divine adventure like you’ve never seen before!

Pyramid Treasures

The theme of this slot is clearly inspired by the mythical culture of Egypt, of which a huge part still remains a mystery up to this day. Thus, the adventure takes place deep inside the heart of the long-lost pyramids which are shaped in a 3-4-5-4-3 formation to perfectly fit the mathematical equations of a star alignment, with a background set against a starry nighttime landscape and amazing 720 ways to win the system! You’ll have to keep your wits about if you are to avert the evil attentions of Ra and Anubis to bury you alive in the Pharaoh’s tomb just like they did with their mistresses, and more importantly – acquire all abandoned riches and treasures that explorers all across our planet desperately tried to plunder throughout the years, up to a staggering 36.000x your initial wager! For that purpose, you’ll have a standard sequence of playing cards (10-A) as symbols of lower values, and a powerful Wild substitution for every other symbol within the pyramid in the shape of a mystical Ankh in addition to the aforementioned mythical creatures as higher paying symbols at your disposal. You won’t have any Free Spins as none are included however the ever-increasing prize multipliers will make up for all the adrenaline and excitement necessitated for an utmost gambling experience!

Pyramid Treasures

Tomb Avalanche

You might just wish that the golden statues of Ra and Anubis remained still in front of the pyramid, but the game’s gameplay is as embalming fluid as its betting system whose denominations vary between a minimum of €0.1, and a maximum of €200 per a single spin, thus providing an equal chance for both low-risk players and high-rollers to have a decent run for all ample rewards in store. If you want to loot the wealthiest treasures ever found, then you might be keen on discovering the way to do it and you’ll be surprised at how simple it is. As long as you keep forming winning combinations you not only activate the special Avalanche feature, but you also maintain it as all winning combinations explode only to allow further treasure troves to fall into their place, with the symbols on top of the particular winning combination being replaced with Wilds to further enhance the chances of getting massive payouts. Moreover, every 3rd consecutive winning combination triggers a hefty multiplier that increases by 1 (up to 10) to go along nicely and potentially bolster your bankroll in such a manner! The feature lasts until there are no more winning combinations to be formed, and pays out the full amount of money made with the help of the Avalanche mode.

Last Words

With a potential top-prize worth 3.600.000 coins, Pyramid Quest only implies that it really is better to discover the secret to immortality sooner rather than later, in order to extract its benefits it of course. And, there is no better place to start your breath-taking journey to ancient Egypt than our world-class online casinos, some of which are displayed below at your courtesy. A feat far from easy to achieve, yet not impossible for those who always dare to strive for greatness! Good luck exploring the tombs, players.
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