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Tut’s Twister

02.07.2018 08:50

The peace of King Tut has been disturbed and now he’s risen from his tomb, wreaking havoc across the reels in Tut’s Twister!” A new game by Yggdrasil is inspired by the ancient Egypt. With 5 reels and 4 rows, it has 25 paylines. Return to player is an amazing 97.1% with the volatility at 51. There are mobile versions available as well on both iOS and Android platforms.

The game is relatively simple with features that increase winnings and make the storyline more interesting. In addition, it has a pleasant interface with a common theme that is easy to follow and understand. Explore SlotsJudge Tut’s Twister Slot review to learn more about this game.


Before delving into the rules of the game, it is important to understand the symbols. There are four symbols that have the lowest value in the game. These are diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades.

Four additional symbols of scrolls, gold, golden birds and rings also earn points when lining up in a payline. All of these standard symbols have different value that can be accessed within the game. Besides these standard symbols, there is also a Wild symbol with a face of a pharaoh. This symbol has the power to activate a bonus mode that will be discussed later.


The first square on the bottom panel shows the number of paylines, which is fixed. The second one shows the real value of each coin and can be adjusted with the plus and minus buttons on each side. Than there is the size of the bet. In the center the first button sets the maximum amount that can be bet, the second one spins the reels and third one can be used to spin automatically a fixed amount of times. The other two squares show the winnings on the spin and the total balance of a player.


The most basic way to win is to get three Symbols of the same kind aligned from left to right. A Wild can assume the place of any of these symbols. When the player starts to really earn coins is after activating the game’s central feature, Tut’s Twister.

Tut’s Twister is the most important part of the game that really makes it worthwhile to spend time playing it. If two wilds appear at the same time one of them at random will transform the whole column into a twister. The twister will start to suck in all the other Wilds slowly and will continue to respin as long as there are Wilds remaining. As the reels continue to spin there are new Wilds appearing, which will also start to move closer to the twister. For every three Wilds consumed, the multiplier will increase by 1. When there are no more Wilds remaining the player will be given one last spin and the twister will disintegrate unleashing all consumed Wilds back on the reels.

In addition to two Wilds, there is another way to trigger a Twister. Above the reels there are hieroglyphic symbols that are generally dim. The number of these symbols is different above each reel, ranging from 3 to 5. Each Wild, after it appears on the reel, will reveal a hieroglyphic symbol that will light the matching symbol on top (if it is not already lit). When all of the hieroglyphic symbols on a reel are lit, that specific reel will transform into a twister.

Tut’s Twister Review Verdict:

The Tut’s Twister is an interesting slot game with cool graphics. The game would be an especially great fit for beginners as its rules are fairly simple and straightforward. For more experienced users, it might get boring after some time as there is only so much fun that can be had with a twister. Nevertheless, the graphics and animation are of a good quality and could have the potential to rivet even the most selective players. It is definitely a game to recommend to people who are looking for a more simpler entertainment and do not want to get acquainted with complex rules.

A common criticism of the game is that outside of the twister feature, which occurs with some intervals, it is not all too entertaining, nor does it reward the player with lots of coins. Of course, once the twister is activated, the picture is completely different.

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