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Viking’s Treasure

08.01.2018 20:51
NetEnt: Viking’s Treasure Complete Slot ReviewAfter so many centuries of exciting overseas exploration, among which daring sea voyages, colonization, and raids, the Vikings would have surely been delighted if they were to find out that, among books and movies, they are remembered in a NetEntertainment online slot machine, like this one here, based on their adventures. 

It’s suitably called “Viking’s Treasure” and what it does is take us back more than a thousand years ago, back to a time when these fearless Scandinavian sailors roamed around and invaded the northern hemisphere. If you’d like to know all about this online video slot, you can read the complete review below.

Theme, Symbols, and Betting Options

NetEnt’s “Viking’s Treasure” is an online video slot which features only 15 pay-lines spread over 5 reels and these reels are all set against a hazy gold backdrop. Additionally, the sound effects here give an impression of the creaks of an old sailing vessel, plus there’s a true cartoon style to these symbols.

Speaking of the symbols, you’ve got the lower-value symbols, which are represented by a collection of Viking runes. In other words, even they fit in perfectly with the atmosphere. As for the higher-value symbols, they include a blonde-haired girl (perhaps a Valkyrie?), a 2-headed axe, a horned helmet, a shield, and, of course, the Viking Longship, which is so easily recognizable.

Let us not forget to mention the Special Symbols. You’ve got your Wild Symbol, which is represented by a rather fierce-looking Viking Warrior. On the other hand, there’s also a handful of Gold Pieces and Jewels which can trigger the bonus feature. More on that, and the Free Spins, later on.

First let’s inform you that your bet can range from £0.02 to £37.50, which means that even if your budget isn’t as high as you’d like it to be at the moment, you can still play this game, and hopefully increase it! There’s also a handsome base game Jackpot in this slot, which amounts to a whopping 10,000x that of your bet! Without further delay, let’s move on to the…

Bonus Features and Free Spins

Bonus Features and Free Spins

There is only one bonus round in this NetEnt online video slot and that would be none other than some good old free spins! 15 are available and these can be triggered through landing 3 or more of these Scatter Symbols absolutely anywhere on your reels.

You, as the player, would also gain the prize for a winning combination, but that should go without saying. The free spins round will begin automatically once it has been triggered, and every win would be subject to a 3x multiplier, something which always aids in boosting your account.

Another piece of info we can offer you, as an aspiring player, is that here, the options for user interrelation are pretty limited. The player can change the number of the pay-lines, as well as their bet level, but other than that…not much else.

Still, the low-rollers among you may appreciate the opportunity to play with really tiny stakes and yet, still get the chance to win the free spins through the scatter symbol. Having said that, it is common knowledge that you would win proportionately more cash with more activated pay-lines. Of course, is entirely your choice, we can only recommend this.


This is a pretty basic online slot and it is fair of us to notice that NetEntertainment has produced more creative slots down the road than this, but it’s not like it’s worth it, as it’s still really good fun. It is still popular at our top-rated online casinos where it has been featured, so we’d say it’s worth a spin or two. You may just be pleasantly surprised, best of luck to you!
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