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Wild Shark

17.11.2017 14:24
Feeling risky? And we aren’t just referring to gambling, but to swimming in shark-infested waters! Amatic gives you a chance to walk, er-swim on the wild side with its “Wild Shark” slot. Other than hunting for the Crown Jewels, you can reap rewards for spotting many kinds of marine life. These include Puffer Fish, Dories, Clownfish, Giant Turtles and Angel Fish. You can even enjoy some lucrative bonuses, such as Bonus Spins, Extra Bonus Spins, and Wild Sharks (no surprise there). And for those of you who hate getting wet, don’t worry, as you can play this game from the safety of your home, or anywhere else for that matter! This is thanks to the fact that you can use your preferred mobile device to access it.

Finding Fortune

The backdrop is a clear blue color reminiscent of an ocean, which only further accentuates the many vibrant colors offered by its inhabitants! But keep alert and try not to get lost in gazing at these splendid specimens, as there is still a Shark lurking about! And yet, even though they inspire fear in almost every living creature, in this slot the Sharks can help you win even bigger! So, the player may just be glad to see them, rather than scared. The full range of prizes can be won starting from your first spin. The lowest-paying symbols happen to be the Seashells, which can dish-up no more than 1000 coins (which is still something!). The Clownfish and Starfish pay up to 2000, and the cutely-named Dories – up to 3000 coins. The Pufferfish go even higher, with rewards ranging up to 5000 coins, and the Angelfish double that sum by offering up to 10,000! But even they aren’t the highest-paying regular symbol. And neither are the Sea Turtles, though they can still award the player with up to 15,000 coins. The highest-paying symbols happen to be the Jeweled Crowns (how they got underwater is anyone’s guess), with up to a whopping amount of 50,000 coins!

Finding Fortune
Sharp Teeth & Sharper Stakes

Normally, when a Shark goes wild in real life, everyone runs for cover. But in this slot game by Amatic, that is exactly what you’ll be hoping for! Wild Sharks can ‘devour’ any regular symbols, all in order to make more winning combos for you! You should also keep your eyes peeled for the Bonus Symbols floating around in these virtual waters, as 3 of them located on reels 2, 3, or 4 are bound to trigger 5 Bonus Spins. During these, if yet another Bonus Symbol lands on the middle reel, you can expect even more Bonus Spins to be triggered! For those of you who find swimming with sharks just not risky enough, you can go even further by gambling all your wins. Simply guess the color of the hidden card to double them, and its suit to quadruple them! When it comes to color, you have to choose between black or red. As for the suit, you get a choice between your typical 4 suit symbols: clubs, hearts, spades, or diamonds. Such a gambling endeavor from your part can leave you with massive wins, or major loses. It’s your choice on whether you feel lucky enough. And finally, let’s mention the stakes here. You can choose 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 lines on any spin, and proceed by staking each line with a bet which can start at merely 1 coin! Logically, the minimum total bet here is 10 coins, and the maximum one – 1000 coins per spin.

Carnivorous Cash

With so many colorful symbols, plenty of bonuses, and lots of ways to win tons, this online slot from Amatic is definitely something any player can sink their teeth into! The player can enjoy both an interesting theme as well as the possibility to fill their pockets. All while doing one of the most dangerous activities out there, hanging with scary-looking sharks! Therefore, if you happen to feel particularly bold and daring, you can give this slot a spin at one of our top-rated online casinos. Become the hunter instead of the hunted by fishing out your fortune!

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