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Alaskan Fishing

03.06.2017 16:33

All of you angling aficionados probably dreamed of getting away from everything for a quiet slot to cater for the promising fisherman inside of you. This is most likely because many of you have memories of going out fishing with your friends or family during the hot summer days. Microgaming not only brought the fishing experience to life, they also gave a free shot at their money through their 5-reels, 243 pay-lines fishy escapade – Alaskan Fishing. Alaskan Fishing takes its players on a wild and exciting fishing expedition to one of the most attractive leisure fishing destinations on the planet, where humans aren’t the only fishers in its crystal clear waters in which halibuts, stouts, and Salmons are omnipresent. You’ll encounter hungry grizzly bears and eagles gracefully spinning the rod reels as well. The reels are set under the freezing waters while the game’s operations buttons have fish icons. All symbols are of photographic realism in bright colors and show short video clips or animations in winning combinations that reveal the natural beauty of Alaska and bring alive various aspects of fishing. The Salmon King swims underwater calmly and leaps out of a sudden. The Grizzly Bear feasts on a tasty salmon. The Boats pops up and down lightly. The Eagle gets its claws on a trout and flies above the water. And, all of them depict the astonishing Northern lights & landscapes of Alaska in the background screen. Environmental sounds are quite relaxing, as cool and calm as the stream you’re fishing in, frequently interrupted only by an energetic rock & roll style solo trailed by winning pay-lines that could potentially lead to either of the 2 exciting bonus games on offer. The symbols portray an array of fish and wildlife, a Trophy as a first prize, the Fisherman as a Bonus symbol, the Bait box as the Scatter symbol, and the Logo of Alaskan Fishing as the Wild symbol. Comparatively, the fishing equipment consists of a Boat, a Plane, a Reel, and a Tackle box, thereby making a fine catch for its winning combinations.

A Fly Fishing Expedition

Alaskan Fishing features a bonus game where you can show your skills off to the maximum, sitting by the river bank, watching the circles appear on the surface and throwing the hook of your spins whenever you think is the right time to catch a fat fish, which are so omnipresent in these waters. The Fly-Fishing bonus game will trigger every time you manage to land the happy Fly-Fisher symbols on the 1st and the last reel simultaneously. The bonus round commences by giving you 5 different spots to choose from where you’d like to cast your tackle and catch yourself some fishy prizes. Each spot comes with a different prize, and each cast you make in this bonus feature lands a fish which ranges in size from small, to medium to large. Additionally, for every successful fish bite, you’ll be awarded a bonus multiplier that ranges from 2x up to 15x your triggering stake. It’s much like fishing – the bigger the fish you land, the bigger the payout you can get and you could end up hooking either a tiddler or a behemoth, which means that free spins are only for thrifty and precise fishermen. What say you, high-rollers?

A Fly Fishing Expedition

Free Spins & Multipliers up for Grabs!

Reap the benefit of 15 fishy free spins every time you manage to hit 3 or more Tackle Boxes anywhere on the screen. In the Free Spins feature, all winning hands are doubled, and the feature can be re-triggered should the same combination of symbols appear in the meantime. Furthermore, the Fly Fishing bonus can also be triggered during this feature, and should both features activate at the same time, first to play out is the Fly Fishing bonus followed by the fishy free spins. In either case, throwing your baits the right way can result in seeing more than just 5 sunken ‘reels’ as you take down the big prizes lines, sinkers, and hooks. The gold band beneath the slot includes an autoplay feature marked as the ‘expert button’. Ultimately, you can watch the action unfold effortlessly by clicking this button, which is pretty much the only difference between ‘normal’ and ‘expert’ mode. 

A Fine Catch For a Day

If you admire a good old-fashioned fishing adventure, then you will fall in love with Alaskan Fishing video slot. If the graphics don’t set you in the mood for fishing, then its impressive game-play, as well as its generous payouts coupled with the soft, breezy John Denver-esque soundtrack playing in the background, surely will. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the catch as you spin the reels, waiting for a bite. Summer fishing is a joyful pleasure indeed, so do feel free to join in – both enthusiastic novices and practiced fishermen! Set under the breathtaking crystal clear waters of the Alaskan tundra, this video slot is guaranteed to have you fantasizing about doing some fly fishing of your own from the comfort of your own home, without having to get wet and cold to catch your prizes. You can’t even tell if there’s a real excitement difference between playing Microgaming’s: Alaskan Fishing and actual fishing.Not to mention that throwing your baits right can result in seeing more than 5 ‘reels’ as you take down the big prizes lines, sinkers, and hooks. Let your fishing be surprising and successful players!

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