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31.05.2017 20:53

First of all, this slot has quite a few functions that you might love to hear about. In fact, stickers boast of such functions which might have been unheard to you so far even if you’re a regular slot player. Yes, it’s just another unique creation of NetEnt, the god of slots. One of the things you might love to hear about is the sticky spin. Sticky spins- just sound like something different doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t. It’s just the special re-spin in this game. What’s unique is not the concept of re-spins by the way this game offers you the re-spin. You are awarded this sticky spin only one the special sticky wild appears on one of your reels. Now it might so happen that when you are using this sticky spin, another sticky wild might come out of nowhere. Well, most games usually cancel that one, but NetEnt isn’t unfair with you- it allows you to use even that and gives you another spin - for free! However, now you must be wondering what this sticky wild is. That’s obvious because I still didn’t go on to explaining it. I apologize for coming to it late but just to make the objective of Stickers clear, this is the right way to go. You have to begin with the complex things and form the puzzle with the key lying at the bottom. A unique way of explaining a unique game by NetEnt. What do you say, isn’t that the most reasonable way that could be out there? Thus, let us not waste time now discuss what these really are. Pay a close attention as it might so happen that you get some Wild symbols on your reels in a respective selection row. When you do come across that, it so happens that besides performing their regular job of substituting other units to help you match even more easily, they also award you with a free re-spin soon, which, as I discussed just earlier, has been named as the sticky spin by NetEnt.

NetEntertainment: Stickers Complete Slot Review

Money-Wise Benefits

Well, by this point, you must be wondering about the financial details related to this game. The betting amount, the winning amount, and all those things are the main things that you simply must keep in mind whenever you’re playing a slot game. Because after all, you’re here playing Stickers by NetEnt so you can actually win. Who plays from the beginning just for the sake of playing? So, let us now get to the main point of the discussion of the financial details of Stickers. This game provides you with a quite versatile range of betting options (and, needless to say, the winnings are thus quite versatile as well, depending on how much you are willing to bet and thus risk). You have quite a few coin values and bet levels that you can be based on and your bet can be almost anywhere ranging all the way from around €0.01 up to about hundred times the same amount (if you max out all the criteria on stickers) to about €1.00. And again, just as I remarked earlier, you’re going to get rewarded in relation to how much you’re willing to bet. However, all in all, it can easily be understood from the whole thing that given the high payout and all the great features and uniqueness that Stickers brings to you, NetEnt has surely come up yet again with another game that’s actually worth playing it.

Get Sticky With Those Fruits

It's easy to crumble under the pressure of so many fruits lying around the theme of this slot, but believe me, making a dessert will be the last thing on your mind when you encounter many huge payouts and diverse bonuses. And, did we mention that fruits fancy a Wild nature too? Should this becomes their natural habitat, they will not only replace all the symbols to form winning combinations but will also become Sticky Wilds and stay for as many spins as there are Sticky Wilds on-screen. This should be sufficient to quench your thirst for a fast-paced slot that possesses a rather generous spirit. Nevertheless, with a plethora of juicy & fruity cash prizes, this slot with its exciting fruity bonus features will undoubtedly get you sticky with it. Good luck players!
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