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Fantastic 7s

25.12.2017 21:22
Microgaming: Fantastic 7s Complete Slot ReviewThe slot we are about to discuss this time around just so happens to be one of the oldest and most classic online video slots which Microgaming has created. In fact, it first appeared as far back as 1999! And yet, despite all of the time which has passed, it has continued to be one of the all-time Microgaming favorites, a true classic, as one would say.

And is it even a surprise why players seem so fond of it? After all, not only does it offer an easy gameplay, it also offers some pretty decent potential payouts! You can enjoy this slot on any of your preferred mobile devices, which means you won’t have to stay glued to your desktop if you don’t want to! To find out more about this video slot, simply continue reading.

Gameplay and Betting Options

This traditional slot, called “Fantastic 7s”, offers 3 reels and only 1 pay-line. On these three reels you will find all of those original symbols, such as the White 7s, the Red 7s, but also some new additions, such as the Psychedelic 7s, in blue, white, and purple! Of course, you will also encounter the typical BAR Symbols – single, double, and triple BARs, to be more precise.

When it comes to Symbols which are reminiscent of those old-school slot machines, you also have your Cherries in here as well! Needless to say, the whole theme of the game is obviously inspired by those classic slots which many players are still into. After all, a bit of nostalgia never hurt anyone! Having said that, it’s also pretty safe to conclude that it has been given a slightly modern twist too, particularly when it comes to the graphics!

The pay table is laid out in a clear manner, and the symbols are big enough not to get mixed up, so the player always has a clear idea of just how much is up for the taking for various symbol combinations.

Moving on to the betting options, this is a truly straightforward slot, with coin values ranging from $0.25 to $5.00. Furthermore, the player can place up to three coins on each of the 3 pay-lines here. That means that the maximum bet per spin you get in this game amounts to $15 per spin, which some rightly consider to be rather ‘steep’. But hold your horses, folks, as you won’t be complaining once you see what you can win on this max bet.

Lining up 3 of the Psychedelic 7s on your reels can win you 2500 coins, which, once multiplied by the mx coins size, means a fairly solid payout of $12,500!

Gameplay and Betting Options

Special Features and Bonus Games?

Sad to say that this Vegas-styled casino online slot does not offer any Special Features by itself. However, as you’ve seen above, you can be sure that the grand potential payouts more than make up for this lack. And besides, its flexibility when it comes to betting options allows for all types of players to have some fun, while potentially earning some serious cash! This is regardless of their budget size!

While we’re on the ‘disappointment and bad news’ train, we also feel inclined to warn all of you Bonus Game lovers out there, that this slot simply doesn’t offer that either, and that means no Free Spins. It is what it is, and you’ll just have to make up your own mind on whether it’s worth playing or not! The good news is you can play either for money or test it out for free, if you are still unsure as to whether you wish to actually stake some of your earnings.


While we certainly agree that there are plenty of other slots out there, from Microgaming, or some other provider, which are far richer when it comes to various features and what not. Still, if you’re the kind of player who is all about those big wins, and hardly cares for anything else, you would definitely appreciate the simple beauty of this game, so try it out on one of our top-rated online casinos! We can only wish you the very best of luck!

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