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Frost Bite

24.12.2017 16:47
Microgaming: Frost Bite Complete Slot ReviewIf you happen to be of the gambling variety, chances are you aren’t such a big fan of the word ‘cold’, whether it’s about ‘cold dice’, ‘cold cards’, or ‘cold streaks’. Well, Microgaming seems to have set a goal to change that, by creating an online video slot which makes the cold sound like a good thing! Granted, there isn’t any complex gameplay (a blessing in disguise?) or multiple special features, but the theme is strong and the payouts may just come your way if you’re lucky enough!

As for the design you certainly get a wintery feel, what with all those whites and blues decorating your single screen game, with Snowflake Symbols for added effect! The fact that the reels are large enough, and the Symbols plain as day to see, it ensures an easy spinning experience, which even the biggest rookie can enjoy!

General Information

This is a 3-reel, 1-pay-line slot with quite the freezing theme going on! The player can bet up to 2 coins per spin, with the max bet per coin being $5. In more detail, the coin sizes can range from $0.25 to $5.00, meaning that the most the player can wager per spin is $10. And the fact that it offers a Wild which can act as a Multiplier makes up for the lack of any Bonus Games.

And while in most classic games Cherries take up the role of the lowest-paying symbol, here you end up with Snowflakes instead, staying true to the theme. 2 of these can earn you a small prize, and 3 of them on your reels can award you 10 coins.

Hardly Satisfactory…

If you want bigger prizes (of course you do!) then look towards the Bar Symbols, 3 of which will grant you 10 coins (for the single kind), while the double kind amount to 25 coins, and the triple ones – 40 coins! These different Bar Symbols can also be mixed and matched. Winning 3 bars (even if they are various instead of 3 of the same kind) will earn you 10 coins.

Hardly Satisfactory…

Don’t worry, this isn’t the most you can hope for, as hitting 3 or more of these strange Smiling Frost Elves Symbols gives you 80 coins for each one you have bet on that spin. Turning our attention now to the only special Symbol, the Wild (represented by the “Frost Bite” Logo), it can substitute for any other symbols on your reels. Furthermore, if you hit this symbol as a part of a winning line will also double the size of the win! Hitting 2 of these Logo Symbols on a winning line is even better, as it gives you a 4x Multiplier on whatever you’ve won! Needless to say, the Wild is your ticket to winning the largest prizes on this slot – a Jackpot worth $8000 for playing at maximum bet!

No Brrr-Bonuses!

It is what it is, folks. And even though it lacks in any Bonus Features, this online video slot form Microgaming can boast with a simple-to-follow gameplay, fun, themed symbols, and pretty decent payouts, if you’re lucky enough when it comes to the Wild Symbol here. And for all those of you who are into the whole “Winter Wonderland” atmosphere, you may just like what you see when it comes to the graphics and overall design.

But we can’t speak in your name, and you’ll just have to make up your own mind in this case. The simplest (and possibly most rewarding) way to do that is to give this slot a spin or two at one of our top-rated online casinos. We hope the only reason you’ll be shivering is from the excitement of winning, rather than the frost!

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