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Joker Millions

03.06.2017 16:46

Joker Millions is a slot game with a progressive jackpot, and it comes from the stables of Yggdrasil Gaming. The game has five reels to fit the description of being a modern slot. Crucially, it has 25 pay-lines to provide plenty of winning opportunities for players. The bet per spin can start from as low as 25p and can go up to $25. Therefore, it is not a game meant for the high rollers but it can still provide large wins thanks to the presence of a progressive jackpot.


The modern slot titles have to provide top-notch graphics in order to stand out from the crowd, and Joker Millions certainly fits in this regard. Yggdrasil Gaming is known for their quality when it comes to designing games, and they have certainly not let fans down with this offering. The game comes with a glittering gold and red background, which screams of quality. Yet, it is put to shade by the level of detail that has gone into each symbol. The reels itself may not have too much of graphics and animation, but Yggdrasil Gaming has focused on enhancing the quality within.


Symbols & Denominations

The game consists of traditional fruit-based symbols, which may be a disappointment considering that it has been the common theme of slot titles for several years. Joker Millions may overcome any boredom with regard to the symbols by providing excellent details into the symbols. The lemon is the lowest paying symbol on this game with just 20 X returns even for five on the reel. Players will have to get at least three on the pay-lines in order to spark a return. The minimum return from the symbol – and indeed the game – is 3 X returns. The orange pays the same at the upper end of the segment, but it slightly ups the ante with 4 X returns for three on the reels. The plum increases the returns compared to the orange by providing up to 25 X for five on the reels. The cherry once again provides an incremental increase to 30 X for a similar figure. The returns start increasing substantially with the watermelon, which pays up to 60 X for five on the reel and 10 X for three on the reels. The bell offers up to 100 X for the maximum five symbols on the pay-lines while the minimum of three produces 12 X in returns. The red ‘7’ symbol is designated the most importance on the paytable, as it can provide up to 300 X returns for five on the pay-lines. Yet, the minimum three appearance does not pay much at just 15 X. The scatter symbol in the game is depicted by a gold casino chip with a Joker.

Freeze & Respin

This is the most common bonus feature on this game. Every winning combination on the base game results in the winning symbols being kept intact for the next spin. Thus, there is a greater chance of creating another combination. This feature would continue as long as the spin produces a winning combination. Once the continuation comes to an end, the payout is calculated. It is possible to rack up some sizable wins using this feature. Apart from being simple in terms of usage, it is also quite powerful.


Even though it is technically not a bonus feature on the game, the multiplier is one of the few added elements on the Joker Millions slot game. If the player manages to fill the reel with three symbols of the same kind, it will start the multiplier feature. Players will receive a 2X multiplier for hitting this combination on two reels, while it can go up to 5X – for hitting this combination on all five reels. In addition to the freeze and respin feature, this multiplier can pave way for some huge wins.

Jackpot Spin Feature

The Scatter symbol – represented by the Joker on the casino chip – can trigger the Jackpot spin feature in this game. This bonus game happens to be the most rewarding yet. The scatter symbol can trigger this feature when five of the Joker symbols appear on the reels. It is not necessary for the scatter symbol to appear only on the pay-lines, as they can feature anywhere on them in order to trigger this bonus game. Now, the player will be rewarded with five mysterious bonus spins that can offer some cool wins.

Progressive Jackpot

Just like in the case of the freeze and respin feature, the jackpot spin will continue as long as the Joker symbol throws up. Now, the Joker symbol will remain in place and the size of the victories will increase with the higher number of the symbols. If the player manages to hit a total of 15 – meaning all spaces – Joker symbols, it would open up the progressive jackpot, which may run into the millions.

The Verdict

Joker Millions is a brilliant slot title from Yggdrasil Gaming. On the face of it, the game may have a simple – or even a retro – feel, but it manages to encompass some powerful bonus elements that can multiply the stake quite rapidly. The game is fully armed with a wealth of bonus features that make it immensely attractive and can multiply wins rather quickly and there is a progressive jackpot, which can theoretically go up to €3 million, could be the icing on the cake in terms of this slot title.

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