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Secret Code

08.01.2018 21:46
NetEnt Secret Code Complete Slot ReviewOne can easily suspect that the famous author Dan Brown could very well have something to do, or have been a part of the inspiration behind this online video slot machine from NetEntertainment, as the title of it (as well as the overall theme), has clearly been inspired by his most famous books, “The Lost Symbol”, “The Da Vinci Code”, and even “Angels and Demons”.

After all, whoever has read these works of his knows far too well that all of them feature some sort of secret codes, as well as mystifying symbols. It is precisely those which seem to be the driving forces behind this NetEnt slot, suitably given the title “Secret Code”. If you happen to be a mystery lover yourself, and already feel somewhat intrigued by the sound of this slot, then you can read the complete review below.

Theme, Symbols, and Betting Options

This 5-reel online video slot features 20 pay-lines. As for the reels themselves, they spin in front of a backdrop, which seems to be a piece of parchment and contains various sketches. Dare we say, these drawings are quite reminiscent of the drawings of the great Leonardo da Vinci himself, and this fits in perfectly.

In fact, when it comes to the symbols, no just the background, all of them related one way or another to the overall theme: to archaic symbols and signs (nope, you won’t be looking at any boring Playing Card Symbols here). There are also these green, blue, and purple seals; then you get some yellow, red, and green rings, as well as a book & magnifying class, a sand timer, and even human characters including a red-jacketed gentleman and a blonde-haired lady.

Far be it from us to forget about the special symbols offered in this slot. This means a Scatter symbol which shows the mysterious letters X.O.R.N.S.T.O, and even a key placed in a lock representing the bonus symbol. Don’t worry, there’s a Wild Symbol here too, and it is represented by a mysterious-looking hooded character. We’ll discuss these further below.

First let’s mention that the bet per pay-line here ranges from £0.01 to £2.50, while the bet per spin ranges from £0.01 to £50.00. Furthermore, you would also be looking at a nice little Jackpot which amounts to 4000x that of your bet. There’s also an Autoplay feature, which means you don’t have to remain glued to your screen in order to keep those reels spinning for you.

Theme, Symbols, and Betting Options

Bonus Features and Free Spins

In order to trigger the Secret Code Bonus Game, you, as the player will need to land this key+lock symbol on reels 3, 4, and 5. Once (and if) that happens, you will be whisked to a different screen, which shows 5 angels/demons and 5 keys. All you need to do is drag the key of your choosing to the chest which is being clasped by the specific character. Once you do, you would reveal either an angel (meaning a cash prize) or a demon (sadly, you win nothing).

Moving on now to the Free Spins, you will trigger this round by landing 3 or more Scatter symbols, absolutely anywhere on your reels. You should click on one of these scatter symbols in order to reveal the number of free spins which you will be rewarded with, as well as a multiplier which can range between 1x to 20x. It would be added to your prizes, which is never bad news.

Additionally, at the end of your free spins, you, as the player, will be offered the choice of gambling your winnings in a rather similar game. You may choose to gamble the entire amount, or only half. The point is that the player can keep playing, as long as they keep on winning. Thus, logically, by losing, this game ends.


This is truly a fantastic-looking online video slot from NetEnt which has been clearly based on Dan Brown’s world-famous works. It even offers up a suitably religious, dramatic soundtrack, plus the bonus games will surely keep you well interested. Don’t take our word for it, try it out yourselves on one of our top-rated online casinos. We wish you the very best of luck!
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