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Twin Spin

13.01.2018 19:46
NetEnt: Twin Spin Complete Slot ReviewThis time around, we’d like to discuss “Twin Spin”, another fantastic online video slot machine from NetEntertainment, once again introducing something which can be considered as genuinely unique. Let’s just say that this is the perfect mixture between the old-fashioned fruit slot machines, and something quite modern and keeping you on the edge of your seat!

If you wish to know what is so great about this slot, as well as all of the general information which you will need in order to make your decision on whether you will play it or not, then you are free to read the complete slot review below!

Theme, Symbols, and Betting Options

NetEnt’s “Twin Spin” online slot looks positively fantastic, since, in certain ways, it represents a ‘throwback’ of sorts to the classic, traditional slot – so, if you’re feeling nostalgic, then this is the atmosphere for you!

You see, it reminds us of the old-school slot machines, since all of the symbols here are of the kind which one might see when it comes to the slot machines in a Las Vegas casino.

Apart from the usually playing card symbols, namely, 9, 10, J, Q, Ks and A, you’d also be looking at a cherry, a Bar, a bell, a red 7, a diamond and, last but not least (quite the contrary!), you’d also got your Wild symbol, which, in this particular slot game, can substitute for all of the other symbols. Which makes sense, since there are no Scatter Symbols or any other special symbols to be found.

We must say that there is a certain simplicity to this online video slot from NetEnt, which is definitely attractive. For instance, the pay-lines are clean, the clear and colorful symbols are wonderfully-drawn and rather big, plus there’s even a groovy soundtrack that keeps things flowing along nicely. There are 5 reels and as many as 243 ways-to-win in this slot.

As for the betting preferences, the bets here range from as little as £0.25 to £125.00, which obviously means that any player, no matter their budget size, can join in on the fun! Then there’s also the base game Jackpot to hope for, and it amounts to a nice 1000x that of your bet.

Bonus Features and 243 Ways To Win

Bonus Features and 243 Ways To Win

Like we already stated above, the pay-lines in this online slot game are as many as 243, and when all of them are in effect, it becomes truly possible for you, as the player, to win just by landing identical symbols on the adjacent reels, which go from the left hand-side, as in most cases with slots.

There is also what is known as the ‘Twin Spin Feature’ (clearly taking its name from the title itself), and you should know that most players who choose to spin this slot are actually looking forward to this one above all else.

It’s fairly simple really. You see, with every spin 2 of these reels will start spinning together and will also feature matching symbols. This could be the first 2 reels, the last 2 reels, or any in-between reels, although, truth be told, you would win more often if this occurs on reels 1 or 2. Furthermore, as an extra feature, these 2 reels may sometimes expand into 3, 4, or even 5 reels. Needless to point out, this is exactly where the big wins would be.

Some further info on the overall gameplay is that only your bet levels may be changed, which means that there isn’t much interactivity offered here. Still, no game from NetEnt could ever be bad, and that funky soundtrack is still playing in our heads! You can also set these reels on Autospin, which is always a pleasant option to have, just in case we wish to take a break from spinning ourselves.


Nothing much left to say but to complement the efforts of this software provider, as they have, once again, created an attractive and compelling slot game, despite the minimum offer of any bonus features! So, we can only warmly recommend this slot on one of our top-rated online casinos. And, of course, we can wish you the very best of luck!
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