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Big Bang

12.01.2018 22:35
NetEnt: Big Bang Complete Slot ReviewIt’s already a well-established fact that the software provider NetEntertainment produces some of the very best-looking online video slots which are available out there, which is precisely why we love reviewing their releases. This time around, we’d like to have a deeper look at their “Big Bang” online video slot, and just what it is all about.

The name itself already gives us a pretty big clue, and we were right in our initial assumptions, as the general theme here revolves around origins of our entire universe! The theme of this slot by itself is already a pretty good reason to give it a try, as it is rather unusual and fun!

True enough, this game may not have a separate bonus feature, but we assure you that this in no way stops it in being extremely addictive and entertaining. If you like, you can see what we mean in more detail by going through the entire slot review further below.

Theme, Symbols, and Betting Options

Like we briefly mentioned, NetEnt’s “Big Bang” doesn’t exactly offer much when it comes to the subject of player interactivity. In fact, dare we mention that it is, in more than one aspect, like NetEnt’s other slots, namely, “Reel Rush”. But this can only be good news, as that also happens to be a pretty great online video slot of theirs!

Getting back to this one, here you will witness 5 reels as well as 25 fixed pay-lines. Furthermore, to the left of these reels you can also notice a ladder of multipliers which go from 1x to 32x. The overall design of this slot game is nothing short of brilliant. The same goes for the design of its symbols.

Speaking of those, you might be glad to know that even the regular, rather cliché Playing Card Symbols (which take on the role of the low-value symbols), namely, 10, J, Q, K, and A, have been given a unique touch, and are here silhouetted in front of differently-colored lights.

But we know that it’s the high-value symbols which really spark a player’s interest. Here, we’ve got 5 of these main symbols, and they are represented by gorgeously-drawn planets. Of course, even these come in various colors, and what’s more, this matches the colors of the other, basic symbols! A nice touch, we must admit.
Far be it from us to ever forget about a slot game’s special symbols. And so here, you’d be looking at a burning sun, which takes on the role of the Wild Symbol, and which can help you create those winning combos.

The bets per spin in this online slot range from £0.01 to £50.00, which is nothing but good news for players whose budget may not be as high as they would like it to be. As for the Jackpot, here it amounts to a nice 1000x that of your bet.

Theme, Symbols, and Betting Options

Bonus Features

Let us get back to that ‘Multiplier Ladder’ we mentioned at the beginning. As we also mentioned above, there aren’t any separate bonus features in this NetEnt slot. Not to worry though, as this provider has a history of combining many innovative elements into their base game, all in order to make up for this. And, if you were to ask out opinion, it’s working for them!

In this particular case, each subsequent win would also increase the multiplier by 1 step up this ladder. For instance, 5 wins in a row would mean that you have reached the biggest 32x multiplier, and so, each subsequent win would be subject to this multiplier! Once you fail in landing a winning combination, then this multiplier goes back down to 1x. There’s even an Autospin feature, if you wish the reels to do the spinning for you!


Let’s wrap this up by admitting that if you happen to be the type of player who enjoys multiple bonus features above all else, then this may not be the ideal slot for you. If, however, you are into such slot like the one we explained above, then nothing left to do but try it out for yourself on one of our top-rated online casinos! Best of luck!
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