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06.09.2017 04:24

The popularity of zombie themes seems to be growing more prolific every day. Hence, Net Entertainment provided all zombie fans a truly suspenseful, eerily bloody gaming experience with their Zombies slot machine, which features 5 reels and 20 ways to avoid Doomsday and loot rich rewards. The graphics are top-notch with spooky details and symbols that go along perfectly with the background creepy tunes. Moreover, the game’s wide compatibility, as well as its fecund features, will surely attract many fans of the walking dead around the globe. Additionally, the game offers 4 different features up for grabs to enhance the chances of creating winning combinations and provide an ultimate gambling overall experience, filled with adrenaline-pumped action, hefty payouts, and amazing animation details, all of which make for an exciting and enjoyable slot to play.

Zombie Apocalypse

The scenery is set in an empty shopping mall, just after being infested and its reels overcrowded with blue-faced, blood-spattered zombies. The sounds are by far the creepiest ever, and you’ll hear many dismembered voices whispering in the background as you play. A rather anxious, spine-chilling horror movie tunes echo out to symbolize winning pay-lines. You’ll find a deck of cards, at least its’ standard playing sequence (10-A) as the symbols of lower values that look a bit scratchy, scrawling in a glowy-blue liquid, while the higher ones are depicted through a gory gruesomeness where each and every symbol is either splattered or dripping with blood, which is all to be expected from a horror-genre slot. Subsequently, the game’s highest paying symbol is the Chainsaw, followed by a green gas mask and a bloody brain, then a detached eyeball, and finally a nail-covered bat crossed with a bloody axe rounds the group out.

Zombie Apocalypse

Slaying Rounds

This particular ultimate gambling experience consists of a standard Free Spins feature, Wild & Scatter symbols, and a zombie-slaying round featuring Stacked Wilds, all of which will never fail to meet your expectations. The main function of the word ‘Wild’ written in yellow letters across a red backdrop is pretty much self-explanatory and has the ability to substitute for every symbol apart from the Scatter and Bonus ones. Landing 3 (or more) Scatter symbols (blue-glowy hazardous material tubes) on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th center reel will result in cracking them open to award you 5 Free Spins. During this round, all winning combinations are compounded and multiplied after each spin. Moreover, the multiplying effect raises progressively, until you rich the maximum of 10 times your wager multiplier, which comes with the last 5th spin, just like icing on a cake.

Random Zombie-licious Bonus

Meanwhile, in times of excitement deficit such as Free Spins & Stacked Wilds, you’ll encounter a 2-headed-zombie popping up erratically to act as a Random Wild whose main purpose is to spice things up by diverting up to 6 symbols into Wilds, which (if you’re lucky enough) can significantly bolster your bankroll. You’ll be hoping to receive a surprise like this, even from a half-dead creature. Further, the Bonus round comes with an integrated Stacked Wilds feature where a ‘Zombie Score’ box keeps track of your payouts depending on the wager that triggered it. The Stacked Wild that only appears on the 3rd center reel can barely be missed, as it displays a bloody zombie covering 3 entire columns in his attempt to reach and devour your flesh. 

Final Say

Pander to your zombie-slaying motion on every operating system with no exception. It might just take a few spins before you figure out the slots catch and the way all features come together, nevertheless. The entire control panel is located just below the screen and is fully adjustable to suit every need, with the always-pleasant ‘Auto-play’ also present. One thing is for sure – with bet denominations varying from 0.01 up to 1.0, and a coin line-wager ranging from 1-20 lines per spin, this slots’ minimum bet of only €0.2 and maximum of a staggering €200 per spin would undoubtedly provide the necessitated comfort and appeal to all types of players, regardless of their financial status. A no-brainer at the very least! 
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