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Chain Mail

28.08.2017 04:49

My Lords and my Ladies, squires, and wenches, rejoice! The king hosts a generous feast at his castle and has requested the pleasure of your company at his fortune table in Microgaming’s: Chain Mail. In fact, everybody is invited. Yes, the village idiot too. This 5-reel slot machine includes 20 pay-lines, which provide the players with a decent run for some crown jewels and diamonds. Blending court royalty from the medieval world with fast food for a theme gives this slot a rather humorous touch with a special comical spin.

A Royal Feast

You heard correct. This banquet, in particular, is far from waistline-watching spinners taste due to the ubiquitous sugar loaded food game symbols, the likes of pizza, fried chicken, shish kebabs, ice cream cones, and chocolate bars. One could starve to the point of being able to eat a horse just by looking at those symbols. Moreover, these symbols are not only the lowest paying values of the game, but they are also devoid of any nutritional value whatsoever. The more valuable symbols of the banquet are (in value order) a red mailbox, a white horse, a knight in a shining armor, and the Castle’s Princess. However, the Chain Mail Logo that stands for the game’s Wild symbol is by far the most valuable symbol of them all. If you are lucky enough to seize 5 of these stamps anywhere across the entire play board, you’ll be going home with a 6.000-times-your-wager reward!

A Royal Feast

Aim at a Gambling Glory

In spite of the fact that the game’s theme is set in the era of medieval feudalism, it is far from playing and taxing. All you need to do prior to spinning the reels is choosing the amount of your wager. To do this, simply click on the "Select Rows" button (you can drill down to the "View Payments" link to review payment lines in detail) and choose from 20 payment lines to choose what you want to play. Then, by clicking on the "Select Pays" button, you can choose how many medals will be bet on each active line (up to a total of 5 for each line). And finally, you can change the size of the medallion by dealing with the (-) and (+) options. Available coin sizes range from 0.01 to 0.50. This means that the spinners will be able to bet as low as 0.01, as a total bet, up to 50.00 coins for the maximum bet with a lot of scope on either side. So, are you going to just nip the bounty or will you gobble it like a champ and head straight for gambling glory?

Slink Up to the Castle Top

Chain Mail uses a Wild symbol that will take the place of all the other symbols apart from the 2 game Scatter symbols. The 1st of which is a straight-up Scatter card depicting a green mailbag. This means that if 3 or more numbers appear on the reels, regardless of whether they are aligned on a pay line, the winner will make a return. The 2nd Scatter symbol is far more exciting. The Drawbridge symbol with a letter ‘B’ (for Bonus of course) on it plays the role of the main feature activator. Landing 3 of these Scatter symbols on the 1st, 2nd, and the 3rd reel triggers the Castle Bonus feature. In this bonus round, you have to open your door to the castle turrets by opening a door on each floor, picking up bonus credits on your way of reaching the top. If Princess Roxy is behind the door you opened, you will loot all the credits on the current floor. However, you will be turned back the way you came should you open the door that leads to Mordred, the tyrannous uncle. Luckily, you’ll be able to keep going forward.

An Old & Silly Slot Machine

This game attracts audiences with its caricatured symbol design and vibrant direction. This means that the game looks quite childish and clumsy like the edible icons. Nevertheless, it will definitely not attract players in the mood of a serious adventure-based slot machine. Something that will increase the overall quality of the game will be some more interesting sound effects that will make the player's attention even bigger.

Better Get  Warm Before the Slot Gets Cold

Microgaming’s: Chain Mail slot machine will unquestionably provide much excitement to run machine fanatics that are tired and bored of all serious historical-themed games. And with 20 payment lines, this game is also a good deal for players who like their drums to pay them a little but more often. The bonus game is by far the most prolific main feature in the business. But to be fair, the game’s variability is medium but with a rather downhill strive due to the lack of Free Spins and a gamble feature, this banquet could get cold before you get a touch on the royal presents. Good luck!
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