How do you play slots: types & secrets

How to Play Slots

There have to a couple of questions roaming in your mind right now. I know I felt like that when I was beginning my iGaming journey. The first one was "what are the best slots to play?" I knew there was a plethora of titles and providers on the Internet, and I did not know where to start. So I hustled until I learned how to swim. When I found a slot that I really liked (more on the criteria in another article), I realised I did not know how to play.

"How do you play slots?" kept echoing in my head. So I had to learn the hard way. Fortunately, I will not let that happen to you. Buckle up, as you are about to discover a whole new world and learn how to play games for money.

To play casino online, you have to grow a thick skin and have a lot of patience. It might get frustrating at times. Don't let that scare you away; I know you are better than that. I lived through it, and you will stand against it as well.

Slots are probably one of the simplest, yet most exciting casino games to play online. Basically, all you need to do after signing up and logging in is to load the game and play it. There are two modes to play in, but more about it in the next section. For now, let's focus on the technicalities and game mechanics.

Wait for the game to load and, having deposited the desired amount of money into your online casino account, adjust the bet range to your liking. Depending on the game and the developer, the bet value will vary. That is why you can check out our detailed slot review catalogue for volatility levels and RTPs. Click on the 'Spin' button, typically placed beneath the reel grid and wait for the fate to do her part of the job. It's very simple way to explain how do you play slots.

Types of Slots

how-do-you-play-slots-for-real-moneyLet's get back to the question dealing with best of these games. Slots are usually divided into classic and video categories. The former is distinguished by a traditionally fruity theme, and is usually enjoyed by hardcore gamblers who had been around long before online gambling existed.

While that is not a rule, statistics show that more experienced punters go for classic ones. Video slots are the contemporary counterpart. Slot manufacturers rival to launch the most innovative, creative and state-of-the-art slots with HD quality graphics and smooth soundtrack.

They stand out due to the effort put into their visual presentation in particular. A short video clip is shown before the game commences, making the experience insomuch more immersive.

Secondly, you need to discover what genre you would like to play. Just some on offer on the market include fantasy, history, action, horror and music... much like Hollywood blockbusters. There are also branded games, such as NetEnt's Vikings and Microgaming's Playboy. Fact is, there is just so much to choose from, that you will have to pick one to start with. Then later, as you grow more confident in your skills and abilities, you can expand your own game directory. Find your own way how do you play slots.

Play for Free or for Real Money

"How to play games for money," was the next enquiry I had. The try before you buy principle on which free games are based on appealed to me at first, but then I looked at the bonus offering and could not help myself.

On the other hand, if you ever wondered how to make money playing slot machines, my advice to you is to play for real money. It is quite obvious, but surprisingly, a number of players still prefer to stay on the safe side and risk nothing. The catch is – if you risk nothing, you will win nothing. It is really that simple.

What Are the Best Casinos and Slots to Play for Real Money

Casino free play is fun, but playing for real money is where the intrinsic and pure thrill of gambling lies. Sure, you can play free casino games to no end, but you will end up with no real winnings. I am sure you would not mind a bunch of nifty rewards in exchange for just a spin or two?

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