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Advice on Choosing the Best Online Slots

29.12.2017 01:52
Tips on Choosing the Best Online Slot for YouThere’s more than your fair share of online slots which are offered by online casinos, but this could be a bad thing, as well as a good one. Why bad? While it’s always great to have a wide variety of things to choose from, it has been proven time and time again that people are happier when their choices have been narrowed down.

This makes sense, since that would make it easier for them to make their final choice. It is certainly no different when it comes to slot games, as they also come in many types, and from many software providers.

So, it really isn’t all that surprising when players, especially those still getting into the whole online slot fashion, find it hard to make up their minds. Even seasoned players sometimes have difficulty in choosing the right slot for them and their personal tastes, much less the rookie, who doesn’t even know their own slot game tastes yet.

Well, as much as we’d like to help, it’s more than fair to say that there isn’t a single criterion when it comes to choosing slots, and we can’t make the decision in your name, since all players have their own individual criteria to begin with!

Still, we may be of some help after all, as we can offer some information and advice on which factors you should apply before you make the final call. The criteria are so numerous, that we’ve only taken the most important ones out there, and laid them out for you to consider. We honestly hope that you will enjoy and learn something from this article of ours!

The Theme is More Important Than You’d Think

Slots have truly evolved from what they once were, and now they offer a wide variety of both regular and special features, such as, say, Free Spins and Bonus Games. Then there are the many different themes to discuss, with new ones added practically each day from one provider or another. These themes usually try to create a link to the player’s own tastes, interests, or even personal inclinations.

And while it may not seem as important as the payouts, choosing the right theme according to what you most empathize with is certainly the smart thing to do. That way, you are also bound to enjoy yourself more, and keep playing for longer, which also means potentially winning more! On the other hand, you’d be wise in avoiding themes in slots with which you have nothing in common, or any interest in whatsoever.

An ideal example of this is FIFA World Cup-inspired slots – while they are exactly what some players are looking for, other players find them absolutely boring and not worth their time and money. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, after all, but luckily there is something for everyone’s liking out there, and you are sure to find something for yourself as well, no matter what your particular interests may be.

The Theme is More Important Than You’d Think

The Payouts!

Another crucial criterion which most players will ask about the payouts which the slots offer. Many base their slot selection on such a criterion, and they aren’t wrong either. But one thing we must mention is that most, if not all slots have an average return of around 95%, more or less, which makes the process of differentiating using this parameter…not all that practical. Still, there are those slots which are far more volatile than others, and vice versa – slots with surprisingly low volatility.

The main thing all new online slot players need to know is that the more volatile a slot happens to be, the larger the payouts will be, albeit they are also bound to be less-frequent. In other words, these types of online slots seem perfect for the type of player who doesn’t mind consuming their own bankroll, all for the sake of large enough winnings (they are simply not interested in the smaller ones, and that is their choice).

You can imagine, then, what the less volatile slots would do: they would pay more frequently, albeit with much smaller winnings. One should not underestimate them, however, as even these slots will find their public. Namely, the players which are the exact opposite of the group we mentioned above: those who wish to keep their bankrolls as preserved as possible, even after they’ve finished playing. And that is their right.

But the question here remains: How can you recognize a more volatile slot from a less volatile one? Well, the more volatile variety is bound to have a few pay table symbols with fairly large payouts, and all the other symbols will offer small payouts. As for the less volatile online slots, their payouts are, more often than not, grouped around what is known as a ‘central value’.

What About the Features?

What About the Features

We’ve saved the most important criterion for last: the features which the online slot offers the players. You are bound to run into Scatter Symbols, Wild Symbols, and Free Spins, regardless of the online slots you go through during your search for the right one. But there are also the kinds of online slots, where these special features also have added value to them! Merely one example of this is the special type of Wild, which can Expand and cover the entire reel!

And further good news is that there have also been certain slots which now offer Free Spins with compensatory payouts! What does that mean exactly? Simple: if you, as the player, fail in winning a specified amount during these Free Spins, you will be given compensation! But the most sought-after feature of them all has to be the Bonus Games offered on the second screen in some slots. They represent a practical criterion indeed, as they are far more varied than any of the other features offered.

Some of them are much more interactive in nature than just clicking on an image. In fact, some of them even require a certain skill degree! And don’t worry, the details on any features you may encounter are usually given together with the pay table in the rules of the slot you’ve chosen. And since we mentioned those, it is imperative that you read them thoroughly before selecting the slot you wish to select.


We believe we didn’t miss anything when it comes to briefly discussing all these important criteria. Now that you’ve read this, maybe next time you will have a far easier time in choosing the best online slot for you? We can only hope so, and wish you the very best of luck!

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