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Bar Bar Black Sheep

21.08.2017 17:32

Since online games are becoming more and more popular, more designers actually play the games they produce, which is just good news for players worldwide, as this competition launches innovations in all of their new themes, features and gameplay alike. Microgaming is known for being creative in adapting these themes to games for maximum entertainment and a bit of shock, Bar Bar Black Sheep is not an exception to this rule whatsoever. Bar Bar Black Sheep, have you got any wool? Sir, yes sir, 5 reels all full! Hats off to Microgaming – a very clever and creative team’s little introduction to the game, complete with black sheep frowning! Put the cynicism aside, because this 5x3 slot that contains 15 fixed wage lines has much more to offer apart from its theme, with a simple yet generous gaming and the maximum possible win of the x999 line-up with a special multiplier bonus.

Look & Feel

Some slot designers use a certain theme only as a background, but what Microgaming did here is a very smartly integrated theme in the game and features, attention to detail and little touch show that the game came to a real thought. Starting with the music & sounds that are naturally based on the original rare distribution, but a little more excited with the sound of what's fun, and not disturbing. The reels are set against a vivid, sunny cartoonish background of a farm that, like most Microgaming titles, is well designed, vibrant and always fun. The symbols are beautiful and versatile for such a simple structured arrangement of reels, with animated white sheep, black sheep, 3 diverse types of bars, a barn, and as you can anticipate – loads of wool sacks. Instead of simply stuffing the reels with fruits as low-wage symbols, there are but several random alternatives from the courtyards that are thrown away, like corn ears etc. It is necessary since this was focused on the mobile slot games, all the icons are very well displayed and perfectly displayed on all mobile devices, fully compatible with all operative systems and devices.


This is a great game for players with a low limit, with a coin value of 0.20 to 5.00 credits and a maximum of 3 coins per single spin, which leaves you with a maximum bet of 15.00 credits only. You can expect a huge amount of variation in this slot, with a staggering 95.000 coins Jackpot hanging on the line, you will surely be banking on the entertainment value of the games in their dry spells, in between your winning combinations. The inventory controls are clear and easy to find as you might’ve expected here, along with a simple current balance screen all sit rationally around the game board. The surroundings of the reels are kept as tiny as possible, so that the slot’s symbols depict well on-screen, without having to squint themselves!



There are 2 main features in this slot, 1 of which is the standard Free Spins feature as you might expect. Land in at least 3 (or more) sacks of wavy embossed symbols to obtain the crazy Free Spins. Pin your hopes on landing Bar Bar Black Sheep Wild symbols as often as you can to maximize your potential for winning, as it also acts as a 3x multiplier of any winning combination. This Wild symbol appears only on the 3rd reel, so it probably will not help you as much during individual rotations, unless there are two bars in front of it. This is the place where the game wins enter a frenzy mode, forming the grand winning combination from left to right and adding a random multiplier to give you a breathtaking 999x your wager as a reward!

Final Summation

Bar Bar Blacksheep is great to watch at, loaded with fun, and a bit flippant to be honest. Although there may be no gamble feature, nor a re-spin reels option, or even a traditional Wild symbol, we simply do not care! It is a perfect mobile compatible slot, easy to play, easy to understand and offers many great rewards, which have the potential to enrich any slot player. Have you got any money? ‘Sir, yes sir, lots of bags full’ will become the refrain of any player that will be lucky enough to combine the large combinations of symbols to win. Best of luck players!
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