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Adventure Palace

13.08.2017 22:28

A sacred, golden-domed temple lies deeply in the humid and steamy jungles of India, which curved roofs emerge from the treetops to glint in the sunlight. This location is the basic set of Microgaming’s: Adventure Palace, a colorful & fast-paced slot featuring a vast variety of wildlife along with enchanting sounds and tunes that will accompany you during your expedition. Your task is to get through all lianas and tangles in order to find the mystical temple and loot its imperial treasures. The journey will not be easy, as the slot offers only 9 pay lines to bet on, apart from the standard 5 reels that are set against a lush tropical landscape, but you will be handed some powerful boosters when you are in for a scratch, to save you from the ferocious Tigers, Apes, hissing Cobras, as well as other tropical birds and animals like Peacocks, and Elephants. Bear in mind that the larger the animal you’re confronting is, the bigger the payouts will be, as it takes more courage to strike a winning combination when wild beasts are roaring loudly when combined together. Bet denominations range from 0.01 up to 2.0 per pay line, with the maximum bet of 5 per line, which leaves you with a minimum bet of € 0.09 and a maximum of € 45 per a single spin. Prior to exploring the impenetrable Indian jungles, you should opt to alter the settings which are fully customizable along with the ‘Autoplay’ option, to ensure you don’t have a struggle while wandering around and waiting for a gargantuan animal to appear on-screen.

Jungle Lurking Features

Although the venturesome Adventure Palace doesn’t offer a lot of bonus games and features apart from the standard ones we already know, it makes up for all the deficit as it supplies a hefty amount of free spins and multipliers up for grabs, that will definitely give you the urge to explore the jungles beyond human’s superstition. Let’s have a closer look at all the bonus games and features that lurk around these jungles.

Jungle Lurking Features

The Mammal Friend

The mammoth Elephant is not only the biggest mammal walking these lands, but is also more than a friend rather than a foe, and will ease your journey by letting you ride him in the search for Adventure Palace, a long forgotten temple hidden somewhere in the depths of Indian jungles. During the ride, the Elephant will not only act as a Wild symbol that substitutes all symbols (apart from the Scatter one) but will also double all the winning combinations, all to give you an opportunity to have a distraction-free glance at the wild nature with all its beauties. While many exotic birds will fly around gracefully, the funny apes will stick to their ordinary monkey business, which is making loud noise while scurrying in the treetops, just above the ruthless Tigers that lurk around waiting for a prey to feast upon. Additionally, if you’re lucky enough to land 5 Elephants anywhere on the play board, you can fancy yourself a great winner as you’ll be rewarded the slot’s Jackpot, worth 10.000 coins, which will have the elephant blinking his eyes and trumpeting happily all across the table! A fairly decent sum if you ask me. Somebody better give that mammal a pat on the back.

Exotic Free Spins

The awesome Free Spins round awaits the players who will manage to land at least 3 (or more) Scatter symbols anywhere on the play board, which is represented by the golden-domed temple itself, peeking from behind the trees with its shiny rooftops. When you trigger the main function, the gates of the temple will be opened and you’ll be awarded a 3x multiplier in addition to the 15 Free Spins at your disposal, to make the most of the epic journey and head back home with your pockets loaded with money and jewels.

Jungle Gamble

If you are the gambling type (which is a fair assumption), you have a good chance to increase your recent winnings. Ultimately, you can opt for ‘Gamble’ option where predicting the color of a face-down card correctly doubles one’s sum, while guessing the correct suit quadruples it. However, if you guess wrong, the sum is lost completely, and the feature terminates for regular play to commence once more. Should you wish to stop the Gamble round yourself, you can click ‘Collect’ to save your current stash and get back to the game.


The graphics are flamboyant to the eye and the sounds are exuberant to the ear, both of which help to transport all players to the far depths of this divine jungle kingdom. There is but a simple charm about it all, due to the simplistic aspect of the creators whose main aim was to build a pure adrenaline-pumping slot with all its boasting animations and spectacular graphics. Moreover, the free spins and multipliers are both quite common and ensure to add up to the already exciting platform theme. Last but not least, the potential Jackpots and profit boosts will definitely make your journey all the more worthwhile.
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