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Diamonds on Fire

02.11.2017 20:10

It is more than logical why precious jewels and slot games would go hand in hand. Amatic knows the logic behind it, so it has presented us with “Diamonds on Fire”. A simple online slot game which is all about winning big and nothing else. And even though that may sound too simplistic, there are those players who seek these kinds of games because they feel they don’t need anything else. And we don’t blame them, as what could be better than a slot game with easy rules and big payouts? Its classic casino charm takes us back to the good old days, and many retro slot game lovers would really enjoy it! it offers a starry night sky coupled with transparent reels so the player wouldn’t miss a thing. Naturally, the most prominent visual features in this game are the reel symbols. Due to its common buttons and average design, it can’t exactly boast of being particularly impressive to look at. But graphics aren’t everything. In fact, they are not nearly as important as the prizes one can win while playing, are they? The focus of this game is on precious stones and space diamonds, and same goes for its pay-table. The pyramid-shaped jewels are the most common symbols of this game. They come in many colors: purple, dark blue, light blue, and green. The maximum a player can hope for is 100 credits for a 10-credit bet. A nice start, to be sure. As for the orange and pink sphere, it might climb up to 200 credits, and the yellow rectangular jewel – up to 300 credits, for the long combination. However, the player’s eyes should best be glued to the sparkling diamond, as it can trigger prizes which go up to 1000 credits! But we feel we’ve gotten ahead of ourselves, let us backtrack a bit…

Shiny Space Stones

As far as the rules go, this game from Amatic is as straightforward as it can get. Which means you only need a few clicks before you can spin the reels. It features five reels and a maximum of 50 pay-lines in total. This offers the player more than enough winning possibilities at each spin! The key to unlocking cash rewards is to land specific symbol combinations onto activated pay-lines. Take a second to select the number of pay-lines you would like to bet on, and don’t forget the size of your wager. You can do this using the command bar located on the reels. Once you are ready, hit the spin button, and leave the rest to Lady Luck. All your winnings will be calculated according to the size of your wager, as well as the type of combos you land. In other words, in order to potentially win more, you need to bet more. Furthermore, any win on your reels also grants you access to a mini-game. You can double or even quadruple your reward, by guessing either the color of the card or its suit, respectively. And be sure to remember that you may place the exact same bet over several spins in a row. This is thanks to the autostart mode this game offers. Then there are the bonuses which are the main interest of ambitious players looking to win the largest rewards! For example, the player can hit a 10000-credit jackpot if they manage to fill their entire screen with diamonds. You could start with the Burning Diamond Symbol, which represents the Wild Card of the game. While it has no value of its own, the player can use it for replacing any of the symbols which are listed before. That way, they can complete more winning combinations! The Scatter Symbol here is represented by the Diamond Star, and it pays, no matter its position on the reels. This Scattered Symbol can award the player with extra prizes which may go up to 2,500 credits at once in total.

Shiny Space Stones

Simple, Yet Addictive

Most humans and animals tend to be attracted to shiny objects. Well, now you can enjoy the sparkle of these precious stones while winning some pretty decent wins which have the potential to significantly boost your bankroll. We feel that such wins make up for the lackluster graphics quality of this Amatic online slot game. But you can always judge for yourselves by giving it a try @ one of the top-rated online casinos in the entire business, 2 of which are displayed below the chart at your disposal. Good luck on your treasure hunts, players!
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