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Heavy Metal

26.12.2017 21:31
Microgaming: Heavy Metal Complete Slot ReviewWe should start off by saying that for a classic 3-reel, 1-pay-line slot, this Microgaming online video slot from Microgaming certainly stands out from the others of its kind. And while the title, “Heavy Metal” may make the player think its about a music genre, what it’s really about is this beautiful green haired woman, holding a gun and ready for some action!

Moreover, despite the fact that it’s a classic, simple slot, it offers some surprisingly decent graphics, and well-thought of symbols. If you wish to know more about this Microgaming online slot, keep on reading!

Gameplay and Symbols

The player can place up to 3 coins per round, whose number can be manually changed by clicking the ‘Bet One’ button. As for the total bet the player can place per spin, that would be €15, while the minimum bet per spin here is merely €0,25. You have the choice between several coin values, which here range from €0.25 to €5.

It needs to be said that, just like all the other Microgaming-made slots of this particular kind, there aren’t any Wilds, nor Scatters. You’d only be facing your standard pay table, and according to it, provided you manage to land 3 matching symbols on an active pay-line, you will receive a cash prize.

But we stated that this slot is still set apart form your average classic slot, and that is due to the fact that it includes a mixture of both old-school elements and new, modern ones which are unique to it. Moreover, no matter which symbol we’re referring to, classic or modern, they all seem connected to the overall theme of this slot, in one way or another.

When it comes to the vintage symbols, you get your BARs and your Lucky 7s. All the 7s have been given the color-scheme of the game’s Logo – red, white, and grey. As for the BAR Symbols, they are in the form of Bullets. You can land single BARs, double BARs, triple BARs, or even a mixture of whichever BARs you end up with on your reels – these take on the role of the low-value symbols in this slot.

When it comes to the higher-value symbol, that would be our female protagonist, the Green-Haired Girl, and she will offer you a different payout which depends on the number of coins you, as the player, have inserted.

Gameplay and Symbols

No Bonus Features at All?

Well, when it comes to the kinds of Bonuses which other slots offer, then the answer is sadly no. However, this doesn’t mean the slot is not worth your time or money, since it can be quite profitable, offering up several cash prizes. Not to mention it’s rather fun, in spite of its simple structure! The main Jackpot consists of 4000 coins, and you can win it if you’re lucky enough to land 3 Green-Haired Girl Symbols on the 3rd pay-line. And if you wish to play with the maximum number of pay-lines (which we strongly suggest), then you’ll need to place a 3-coin bet.

Furthermore, it’s not like landing 3 of these high-paying symbols on pay-lines 1 or 2 is useless either. Landing them on 2 gets you 2000 coins, and landing them on the first gets you 1000 coins. When it comes to landing 3 Lucky 7s, you’d be looking at a 150-coin cash prize. 3 BAR Symbols gets you the minimum payout this game has: 5 coins. “Wah Wah Waaah”…

One more thing worth the mention is that it can be played in either Regular Mode or Expert Mode, the latter offers you the Autospin option, which is great for those who wish to keep those reels spinning even when they are not physically present, and can be stopped at any time.


There you have it. It may be a little disappointing if you’re the type of slot player who’s used to the fancier kind of slots, which offer plenty of bonus features. Still, the cash prizes and Jackpots this game offers are certainly nothing to brush off, and if you hope to get your hands on some of them, there’s nothing left to do but give this slot a spin on one of our top-rated online casinos. We wish you the best of luck!

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