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Monster Mania

19.12.2017 23:02
Microgaming Monster Mania Complete Slot ReviewWe should start this online slot review by stating one thing: this is not far from a new slot from Microgaming, and so, it wouldn’t really be fair to compare it to some newer slots, with plenty of other advantages. Still, despite all that, one can definitely say that it has an old-school, classic charm, and that’s exactly what some players are looking for in their video slots! If you happen to belong to this particular group, then read on to find out all about Microgaming’s “Monster Mania” slot!

Oldie, But Definitely Goldie!

Other than the old-fashioned charm we mentioned above, this slot also has the former kind of playability, which grants them a bit more longevity, to be sure! This is a 5-reel, 9-pay-line slot, with 3 rows (which means the usual 5 x 3 reel grid).

And while we already mentioned multiple times that this has somewhat of a retro feel, one can still notice that it dates from a different time than your usual classic slot machines found in pubs and whatnot. Of course, we are referring to the kind which offered cartoon bells or whistles – you certainly won’t find any of those here!

Eek! Cute Monsters!

Instead, what the player will find, other then the popular Fruit Symbols (Oranges, Apples, Watermelons, Bananas, Grapes), is these absolutely adorable little Monster Characters! Hence the title of this game, naturally. Here you will stumble upon various Monster Symbols, which, as one might expect, represent the higher-paying symbols of this slot.

If we were to describe each of them with just a few words, you’ve got a Green Eyeball, a Cross-Eyed Furry Critter, an Orange, Slimy Worm, A Blue, Three-Toed Creature, and a Blue-and-Orange, Razor-Backed Monster. We should inform you that the Green and Furry Thing is the highest-paying Symbol of all of these, being worth 1000x that of your line bet! This, if you manage to land 5-of-its-kind on an active pay-line.

The Fruits we briefly mentioned take the role of the lower-paying symbols here. But there are also the Special Symbols the player can look forward to. The Wild Symbol of the game, quite-uniquely represented by a Big-Mouthed Monster, which doesn’t look threatening at all, as, instead of sharp teeth, it has the word ‘Wild’ written, which means you can’t miss this symbol!

Eek! Cute Monsters!

It substitutes for all the other symbols on your reels, except for the Scatter Symbol. Speaking of which, its design is also an original concept, and makes sure to stay true to the cartoonish and monstrous theme. So, you, as the player, would be looking at an Exposed Brain with a Pair of Eyeballs, and a Blue-Mouthed Grin! Wow, explaining this Scatter certainly took a mouthful!

Such a fun-looking Symbol will payout no matter where it lands on your reels, as long as you manage to land 3 or more of its kind. And, well…that’s pretty much it for this slot. Yeah, while it may sound disappointing, there aren’t any Bonus Features of the type you are used to with other Microgaming slots. We already warned there wouldn’t be, at the very beginning of our review.

Oh, there is one more thing we should inform you about: the minimum bet per spin here is £0.25, while the maximum one per spin amounts to £18.00. As for the maximum win one can hope for here, we already mentioned it is as high as 1000x that of your stake.

Final Verdict

Don’t let the fact that this video slot relies solely on its base gameplay deter you from giving it a spin yourself. Sure, there are plenty of other, more engaging offers out there, but in case Bonus Features aren’t the most important thing for you, you can try this game for yourself on one of our top-rated online casinos. Let those little monster cuties show you the way to some potential cash!

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