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Mythic Maiden

04.01.2018 22:01
NetEnt Mythic Maiden Complete Slot ReviewEerie sounds, large, hairy spiders, freaky-looking skulls, and all other kinds of frightening, ghoulish features. This is exactly what this online video slot by NetEntertainment, called “Mythic Maiden”, is all about. It’s completely clear that its inspiration comes from scary subjects, such as the medieval torture device, “charmingly” named the Iron Maiden.

So, needless to say, if scary subjects aren’t your thing, you definitely don’t want to try your luck with this particular online slot, which combines not just scares, but also, surprisingly, some humor, as well as great graphics to create a winning combo.

If, on the other hand, you happen to be the type of player who is all about such disturbing themes, and possibly some decent payouts, then just read on below to find out all you need to know. Yes, that was a deliberate rhyme, in hopes of lightening this dark and freaky atmosphere.

Theme and Scary Symbols

Other than the spooky atmosphere it offers, this is, give or take, a pretty standard 5-reel and 30-pay-line slot. However, there is something special about it, after all, as it offers an awesome bonus game (which we’ll discuss below).

The reels are set against a background of hairy, gigantic spiders, but also melting candles and lots of other creepy “decorations”. Furthermore, the reels themselves present a type of window into a dark and dusty chamber filled to the brim with scary objects. The sound effects in the background are extremely appropriate, as they ideally contribute towards a creepy and dramatic overall vibe.

Enough about this dreadful theme, let’s take a look at the symbols. The low-value symbols, non-surprisingly, are represented by the Playing Card Symbols, namely, 10, J, Q, K, and A, but leave it to NetEnt to give even these cliché symbols a unique touch: here, they’ve all been carved out of candle wax!

Moving on to the higher-value symbols, you’ve got your red-colored Chest, a huge, tarantula-like creepy crawly, a Skull with Fangs, a Skeletal Hand which is holding a book, and, last but not least, a Shrunken Head. As for the special symbols in this slot, there’s the Scatter Symbol, which is unusually pretty, represented by Rotating Orbs. The Wild Symbol is this really Creepy Moon, which is viewed through a likely-eerie, broken window.

Theme and Scary Symbols

Bonus Features and Free Spins

Let’s start with the Free Spins, which, in all honesty, take on the role as the sole bonus feature in this game. Nevertheless, it’s a fairly profitable bonus feature, once the player lands it.  It’s activated by landing 3, 4, or 5 of those Scatter Symbols we mentioned, which will earn the player 10, 15, or 30 spins, respectively.

During these Free Spins the main object of attention here, the Iron Maiden in all her (its?) beauty-er, goriness, makes its appearance, and after every spin this grotesquely-made medieval torture contraption will give the player a Multiplier of up to 10x (applying to the current spin), as well as up to 2 additional spins.  Which often means that the player’s original number of spins is increased by several, thus offering them more chances of winning. Last but not least, during this Free Spins round, landing 3 or more Scatter Symbols can re-trigger the round.

Getting back to the Wild Symbol for a second, there is actually a minor bonus each time the player lands a winning combo which happens to include the Moon Wild Symbol – namely, in that case the win will be multiplied by 3x.

One more thing worth knowing is that the bet per spin here ranges from £0.01 to £180.00, while the bet per pay-line ranges from £0.01 to £5.00. The Jackpot goes as high as 2000x that of your bet! Is it enough for you to face this spooky dungeon-like room?


This is truly a wonderfully ghoulish and humorous video slot, and we expect no less from NetEnt. Now, the choice is yours: you can choose to wait until the next Halloween comes rolling around to play this slot, or you can give it a try right now, on one of our top-rated online casinos! Be brave and best of luck!
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