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Icy Wonders

03.01.2018 23:40
NetEnt: Icy Wonders Complete Slot ReviewIf winter happens to be your favorite season, or maybe you simply feel like ‘chilling out’, then why not check out this particular chilly online video slot from NetEntertainment, which has been given the adequate title “Icy Wonders”.

If you’re wondering what the ‘wonders’ are in this case, then we’d be more than happy to tell you that they are a combination of both human and animal residents in this frozen landscape.

What adds even more to the fun, other than the theme, are the 2 progressive jackpots to win. That’s right, not one, but two! If you’re feeling intrigued by this and wish to know more, then all you have to do is simply read on.

Theme and Symbols

With “Icy Wonders”, you, as the player, would be looking at a slot with 30 pay-lines and 5 reels. In this case, the screen seems to be encased in what can only be described as a solid block of ice.  When it comes to the main symbols, they are certainly some cheerful-looking characters and creatures.

Namely, you’d be looking at a Walrus, a Dog, a Polar Bear clutching its prey fish, as well as an Igloo, which is complete with a chimney! Then you’ve also got your classic Playing Card Symbols, going from Jack to Ace, but even these have been given a frosty makeover, and are now encased in blocks of ice, keeping up ideally with the theme here!

Far be it from us to forget to talk about the Bonus Symbols in this slot, which includie a Whale (representing the Wild in this game), a cute-looking Eskimo Girl (taking on the role of the Scatter Symbol), and, last but not least there’s even a Penguin sporting a Red Hat and which has the power to trigger one of the special features. Speaking of those…

Free Spins and Bonus Features

Let’s start with this slot’s Scatter, the lovely Eskimo Girl, who is so much more than just her good looks, as she can also grant the player 10, 20, or even 30 Free Spins! That is, assuming the player manages to land 3, 4, or 5 of these Scatter Symbols, absolutely anywhere on their reels.

Free Spins and Bonus Features

And even though the most obviously awesome thing would be if you end up with 30 Free Spins, it’s best to keep it real, by realizing that you have a far bigger chance of getting 10 of them, which is still something! Furthermore, anything which the player wins during this particular feature will automatically be doubled and there’s also a possibility of earning even more spins through landing more Scatter Symbols!

Next up, let’s take a look at the Penguin Bonus Game where one needs to land 3 or more of this game’s Red-Hatted Penguins on an active pay-line, in order to trigger this charming little bonus game.  Once you do, you will be shown a screen which contains a specific number of Penguins and your task will be to pick them one by one, thus revealing a cash prize, and up until you end up finding the Fish Skeleton.

Progressive Jackpots, Anyone?

We know you’ve been eager to learn about this from the very start, so finally we’re going to inform you that, like we mentioned, there are 2 Progressive Jackpots available in this NetEnt game, and those would be the Wonder Jackpot and Mega Wonder Jackpot! The player can win these by landing 4 or 5 Stars on an active pay-line.

These Stars make their appearance on the other symbols, in other words, they don’t get their own positions. Moreover, the more you stake, the higher your chances of landing this huge prize will be! We can only warmly (or, in this case, coldly?) advise you to play at the maximum pay-lines, as your chances are the highest this way when it comes to getting those Progressive Jackpots, as well as the Penguin Feature.


This is a far better slot than it might initially seem, and its importance and worth are only further elevated by the inclusion of the 2 Progressive Jackpots.  So, if you’re into such things, besides a cute and colorful slot, you may give it a spin or two on one of our top-rated online casinos. Just remember to dress warmly!
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