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Rat Pack

16.12.2017 17:25
Microgaming: Rat Pack Complete Slot ReviewMany people out there have a rather negative opinion when it comes to rats. They see these rodents as nothing but disease carries, and stubborn pests in general. The fact that in real life, these little guys are so crafty when it comes to their surviving skills, makes it hard to win against them. Which makes people who happen to be dealing with infestations, dislike them all the more.

Well, you don’t have to worry in this particular case. Even though this online video slot from Microgaming is called “The Rat Pack”, we promise that these Rats have been completely transformed, giving them fun personalities, and even musical talent!

That’s right, they can even play the piano, dance, and sing! Such a cheerful (and glamorous!) disposition makes these cartoon rats far more charming and likeable than the real thing. Though, some people would argue that even the real rats are cute in their own way. Whatever your opinion is, the theme shouldn’t be the only reason you’d want to give this slot a spin. So, if you want to know about the overall gameplay, read on below.

Squeaking or Singing?

For starters, this is a 5-reel, 30-pay-line slot. as for your staking possibilities, those range from merely one cent to a total of 2 and a half dollars at most, per each of these pay-lines. Which makes the maximum bet per spin here that of 75 dollars. As for the maximum payout you can hope for, that would be a whopping x5000! It pays from left to right. There are plenty of extra features to look forward to, and we’ll discuss each separately.

For instance, you have the Gamble Feature, where you can double or even quadruple your wins. All you have to do is guess the color of the hidden deck card (red or black) in order to double them. And if you’re lucky enough, you may even end up quadrupling them, if you manage to guess the correct card sit (clubs, diamonds, spades, or hearts). If you’re eager to give this a try, just be aware that if you guess wrong, you will lose your winnings.

Ratatouille’s Got Nothin’ On This!

While we loved a movie where a rat is a far better chef than a human, here it appears the rats have all sorts of talents. This time, they are related to music, and these characters are sure looking swag! So, it’s no wonder that they represent the higher-paying Symbols in this slot. As for the lower-paying Symbols, they are represented by Playing Card Symbols, going from 10 to Ace.

Sounds a bit cliché, but these Playing Card Symbols have been given a special decoration: a musical instrument next to each one! It really sets them apart from the rest of the lower-paying symbols in all the other similar slots.

Ratatouille’s Got Nothin’ On This!

Now let’s look at the Special Symbols, starting with the Wild. Here, it takes the form of this slot’s Logo, and, besides its regular job of substituting for other symbols, here it can also make combos of its own! That way, you have a Wild/Multiplier combo, represented by a 2x sign. This combination can also replace other symbols (minus the Scatter), but they don’t provide any payouts on their own.

Rather, if they happen to be a part of a winning combo, they will pay double! Next up, we have the Scatter Symbol, which is represented by a Golden Record with the Rat Pack title on it. It pays regardless of its location on your reels. And if you manage to get 2, 3, 4, or 5 Scatters on your screen, you’d be looking at 2, 4, 10, or 100 total bets per spin, respectively!

The Scatter is also valuable for another reason: 3 or more of its kind will trigger the Bonus Round, which is Free Spins! Ironically, or perhaps even logically, during this Free Spins Round, only the Scatters hold any value. One Scatter Symbol will grant you the amount of your total bet per spin. As for what more than one Scatter will do, we already described how each one pays when we talked about them above.

One more thing you should know about the Scatters, is that they will hold their position on those reels, up until the Bonus Game has ended.

Classy Conclusion

Whether it’s the funny, original theme, or the many chances of winning some hefty prizes, you may just be interested enough to check this slot by Microgaming out on one of our top-rated online casinos. Whether you do or not is your choice entirely, but if you do, we wish you lots of fun and luck!

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