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01.12.2017 13:16
Yggdrasil: Robotnik Slot Machine Complete Slot ReviewIn this online slot by Yggdrasil Gaming, you get to visit outer space and meet a friendly little Robot which will randomly grant you extra Wilds with up to 3x Multipliers throughout your game. Indeed, this is a strange slot, which is rather easygoing, instead of offering a frantic gameplay. The graphics are also a bit on the unusual side, and the soundtrack is an actual techno version of the famous waltz music! The fact that you can launch into space from any of your preferred mobile devices, makes this slot definitely worth your time.

With sharp graphics (although not the best we’ve seen), and a beautiful background of the universe we call home (or maybe it’s some unknown, alternate universe?), Yggdrasil has once again created something unique with this 5-reel, 40-pay-line slot.

Technological Failure?

Still, we should mention that some players who have given this slot a try on their mobiles, complain that it is just a bit too “temperamental”. Meaning, it has kicked them out in the middle of their gameplay more than once! Mind you, this might not happen to everyone, and may just be a temporary glitch, so we won’t be so quick to judge.
One thing we can judge, however, albeit not too harshly, is the position of the spin button. Namely, it is right in the middle of the screen. Quite the odd place, we must say, as it can complicate this usually simple slot.

But then again, you get the Autospin option, as with all the slots by Yggdrasil Gaming, which means you won’t have to spin those slots manually. We strongly recommend putting it in auto-play in this particular case, but of course it’s your choice entirely. Another piece of advice for those playing this slot on their phone: we advise that you also turn the ‘sleep mode’ off. This, if you go for the auto-play, as this slot simply isn’t recognized as being played on one’s phone, if the player isn’t touching it on a constant basis.

It’s Not That Bad, Though

It’s Not That Bad, Though

Let’s take a breather on all this criticism. It’s not like “Robotnik” is a bad game overall. Other than the beautiful graphics, it offers one special feature, the Sticky Wilds, and we’d like to take a closer look at these. They occasionally appear on your screen, and also, the occasional robot (looking quite similar to that lovable little Wall-E), will also come across the screen, in order to grant you some extra Wild Symbols. It does this by randomly changing any regular symbols into Wilds. The Wilds themselves may appear alone or with a 3x multiplier, the latter occurrence being obviously the rarer one.

We also mentioned that it may not be as exciting as some of the other slots you are used to, whether from Yggdrasil or not. This may be partially owed to the lullaby-like music in the background, and partially due to the lack of any big wins. To put it plainly, adrenalin-chasers may not be thrilled with it and look elsewhere. It’s not like it’s completely boring, as seeing those Wild Symbols Stacked up and remain Sticky for another round, would certainly get your heart racing. All these Wild Symbols will remain Sticky, for as long as more Wild Symbols appear on the following Spins.

One more thing we feel obliged to mention, is that, unlike most other Yggdrasil slots of this simple variety, this one doesn’t offer a Free Spins Bonus Round, which honestly takes away from the variety. The coins value starts at 0,01 and above, the minimum bet per spin being 0,40, and the maximum one per spin – 2,00. With a maximum win of 60,000 coins, it’s not like this is a total waste of one’s time.

The Gist of It

As you can see, this may not be the best space-themed slot on offer out there, but it’s not a complete failure and can still grant you some pretty decent payouts. We may have been too critical with it, and the best way to make up your own mind is to give it a chance on one of our top-rated online casinos. May your space voyage be a successful and lucky one!

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