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Vikings Go Wild

28.11.2017 11:02
Yggdrasil: Vikings go Wild Slots Complete Slot ReviewAre you ready to hop on a longboat and sail with Vikings? Of course you are, as you’ll get the chance to win plenty of Sticky Wilds while battling a ferocious sea monster! Yggdrasil Gaming have truly outdone themselves this time around, and even though this slot may not be as cute as the Magic Mushrooms one, it offers many other gameplay features which make it a ‘jackpot’ in itself!

It offers a realistic vibe, with the setting being the mysterious deep blue sea, and monsters lurking in its waters. But that’s not the only thing it hides, as there are hidden treasure chests to find as well! Once again, it may be lacking in its character development once compared with Yggdrasil’s Casino Zeppelin, but we’re still going to let that pass for the sheer awesomeness of this 5-reel, 25-pay-line Norse-styled slot. Do we even need to mention that there is an Autospin option? This is Yggdrasil, after all!

A Deadly Sea Voyage!

You’ll have to be just as brave as the Vikings were if you want to sail on such a dangerous journey. In fact, many may not come back alive. Okay, okay, of course we’re joking, and for those of you who are not the outgoing, adventurous types, you can play this game via any of your mobile gadgets! This means from the comfort and safety of your own home, or anywhere else!

This slot is all about those sought-after Free Spins, which the player can trigger in 2 ways. One way is through a Treasure Chest on reel 5, which can either grant you coins or Free Spins. The second way is through 3 or more Scatters. It really doesn’t matter how you get them, but with a slot such as this one, it may take a little while, due to its medium-to-high volatility. They may also come 3 in a row during 50 spins or less!

Rampaging Vikings

This is probably the only case where you’d welcome the sight of Vikings going wild. Once you do get at those Free Spins, 4 different high-paying Viking Symbols can appear on your reels. The moment they do, they start fighting with a tentacle, no doubt belonging to the monster. You better root for them to come out victorious, for if they do, they transform into Sticky Wilds during the entire duration of the Free Spins! we should mention that the actual Wild of this slot is represented by a wooden shield. The lowest-paying symbols are in the form of Old Coins.

Rampaging Vikings

True, they may not always win this battle and become Wilds, but they do appear often on your screen. In fact, rarely does a player go through a Free Spins Round without ending up with 4 or 5 of these Wilds! Let’s not forget to get back to the Treasure Chests, which make things even more exiting. They’re particularly useful for those who simply don’t want to wait to get at those Free Spins, as the base game also needs some action. Having said that, you should be aware not to expect overly big wins during the base game.

The only time you will, is by getting the Treasure Chest. This means you’d be looking at 10 or even 20 times your bet. Dare we say, it may even go as high as 40 times! It may not look like much, but it’s sufficient until you finally get at those Free Spins. Before that can happen, you should know your betting options: the minimum bet per spin here is as little as 0.25, and the maximum one per spin goes up to 50. As for the coin value itself, it ranges from 0,01 to 2. As you can see, anyone can join in the fun, no matter their balance.

Wolves of the Seas!

Well, do you consider yourself brave enough to sail alongside these hardcore warriors and take whatever the waves throw at you? If you are, you may want to give this slot by Yggdrasil a spin or two at one of our top-rated online casinos. May you stock up on bounty and reach the glorious gates of Valhalla! And unlike the old sagas, you don’t have to die in battle for that to happen!

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