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29.11.2017 14:29
Yggdrasil: Bicicleta Slots Complete Slot ReviewYggdrasil has a special treat for all of your football fans out there (soccer if you’re American), an online slot called “Bicicleta”! Even the non-sports fans among you will get into the spirit of football through this fantastic gameplay! While we’re on the gameplay, however, we should mention that, once you start playing you may realize this is just Yggdrasil’s “Vikings go Wild” slot, only given a football theme.

Not to sound too harsh, but the proof is right there: special animations turning Symbols into Sticky Wilds during Free Spins, instant cash from a special symbol on reel 5…Still, we are by no means saying that this slot isn’t worth your attention. If “Vikings go Wild” was such a success, we see no reason why this wouldn’t be.  You can play it from anywhere via your preferred mobile device, so there’s one reason right there!

Not Completely The Same

And it’s not like every slot out there with excellent graphics and neat bonuses is a copy of some other slot. Plus, unlike some other football-themed slots, you get far more atmosphere here: actual footballers and even an interactive audience which reacts to your goals, er-wins! Furthermore, the 5 x 4 reel grid on this 5-reel, 25-payline slot works great for practically any screen: androids, iPhones, tablets, you name it!

Let’s take a look at the Wilds for a minute. Just like any other Wild Symbol, it replaces all other symbols, except for the Scatters and the Bonus. You can’t miss this ‘black and white’ Wild Symbol on your screen. There is also this specific Trophy Bonus, which revolves around getting a Silver Trophy on reel 5. This will reward you with either Free Spins or instant cash. The coin win ranges from 50-1000, and the number of Free Spins which can be awarded ranges from 8-12.

If you get this Silver Trophy during your Free Spins Round, you won’t end up with more Free Spins. Instead, you might end up with something even better: an entire reel of Wilds! Let’s not forget to mention the Scatter Symbols either, as 3, 4, or 5 of them earn you 8, 16, or 24 Free Spins, respectively. As for your starter bet, you can hope to win about 80x that during your gameplay.

Why The Name?

Why The Name?

Good question, we admit that “Bicicleta” is not your typical, generic term for anything football-related. Well, actually, there is a special 360 kick which players do over their heads which is named the “bicycle kick”, though why it is in Spanish here, remains a mystery. Doesn’t matter, as once the Free Spins start and the players on screen start doing bicycle kicks and potentially turning into Sticky Wilds, the language will be the last thing on your mind!

As long as those Sticky Wilds keep on coming, the excitement of this slot is bound to reach the championship level! The fact that this is a well-balanced slot machine, means it will be fairly easier to play than the one it has “copied” from. Translation: it won’t raid your budget as quickly as those rampaging Vikings would. The coin value ranges from merely 0,01 to 4. The minimum bet per spin here is 0,25, and the maximum one goes as high as 100. The maximum win you can hope for, or the ‘jackpot’, if you prefer, is 190,000 for this slot.

Still, this is, after all, a Yggdrasil online slot, which means that to win big, you will have to put in a pretty penny! Just like in real-life football matches, in order to set up a good offence, you will also need a good defense! Moreover, sometimes the much longed-for Free Spins will come every 50 Spins, and some less lucky players will have to wait 150 Spins just to catch them!


With all of these options plus the Autospin which is always offered by Yggdrasil Gaming, we see no reason why you wouldn’t want to give this game a spin. This goes particularly for all of you who glue yourselves to your screen during a football match. Granted, you may want to be a little extra careful with your budget. Try it out at one of our top-rated online casinos. May you always score big!

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