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Trolls Bridge

21.11.2017 14:17
Yggdrasil: Trolls Bridge Slots Complete Slot ReviewWhen one thinks of trolls, they either think of scary mythological creatures or the cute 80s toys which got their own movie! Yggdrasil has taken it upon themselves to familiarize the player with the life of a Troll, thanks to this video slot of theirs. We don’t even need to mention that 3D graphics are at play here, but once again, Yggdrasil has taken it even further, truly proving how unique they are. If it’s purely the entertainment aspect you are interested in, then you can play this game for free. However, if you want the chance to fill your pockets while enjoying the fun theme, thus getting the best of both worlds, we strongly recommend playing for money. But before you make that vital decision, let’s see all of the wondrous features this slot has to offer. Among which, the possibility to play it on your preferred mobile device!  But that’s far from all, as you will see below.

If You Want to Cross the Bridge…

Even the opening cutscene showing the raising of the drawbridge is proof of the high-quality graphics which Yggdrasil is well known for. Some players may argue that the matrix of this slot is just a tad too busy and bustling. Fair enough, it just goes to show that not everyone appreciates such a game atmosphere. There are those who would choose your classic slot any day, and there is nothing wrong with that. Moving on from the graphics to the bonus features, you can bet there are more than enough! The Free Spins are certainly enticing, and yet we’d like to show our preference for the payouts which the Bonus Stone and the Bonus Pot can offer. As you can see, these are 2 unique Symbols which can dish-out some major prizes! This appeals especially to all you high-rollers out there, as high-paying returns are worth it more often than not. These two particular features make their appearance during the base activity, and they don’t operate in the same manner, either. While the Bonus Stone may randomly appear after each spin (win or no win), the Bonus Pot has its own reel reserved, the fifth one. Players will sometimes be awarded Free Spins and other times with Multipliers or Coin Amounts. All of this usually depends on whether the player has created a winning combo or not.

If You Want to Cross the Bridge…

Beware of the Troll

Well, perhaps not so much in this slot, as the Troll characters in it are somewhat cute, rather than scary looking. Other than the Trolls, of which there are 4 characters, we have Symbols like Bubbling Cauldrons and Golden Artifacts. The reel grid is a rather traditional one, with 5 reels and 20 pay-lines. The coin value ranges from 0,01 to 10. As for the betting range, it goes from 0,20 to 200 for the standard bets. But wait, there is a special Golden Bet Feature, and its job is to raise the bets from 0,25 up to 250! And while we’re on the golden theme, let us also discuss the Golden Free Spins. If the player spins 3 or more of these special Symbols, they will successfully trigger the Free Spins Round. This gives players 3-6 Bonus Features, which will further serve to enhance their gameplay! Landing 3 of these symbols triggers 6 Free Spins with 3 Features, 4 symbols triggers 8 Free Spins with 4 Features, and 5 of them gives you 10 Free Spins with 5 Features. As for what those features are, they vary greatly. You may end up with 2 Random Wilds, Sticky Wilds, 3 Extra Free Spins, a 2x Multiplier, a Super-Stacked Troll, or a Wild Troll. Such a wide choice means the player can customize their Bonus Free Spin Round however they like! And even that’s not all. The player can choose to place the Golden Bet through betting 5 extra coins per spin, which grants them 1 Extra Feature!

Discover the Magic

Whew! We’ve tried discussing every possible feature this slot from Yggdrasil offers, and still, there is so much more you can discover by giving it a spin or two for yourself. You can do so at one of our top-rated online casinos. Summon your courage and wits to cross the Troll’s Bridge, and you can be sure the only thing you’ll be ‘drowning’ in is all of those Bonus Features! Make that Bonus Pot your very own pot of gold!

Video Slot
RTP (the payout percentage)
96.3 %
Number of reels
Number of lines
Bonus game
Free Spins
Wild Symbol
Scatter Symbol
Stacked Symbols
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